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Phising website – MSN block delete checker – different look, same modus operandi

Whoa, so they try to change their look to trick unsuspecting MSN instant messenger user into giving up their user id and password, no? The phising trick is still the same, enter your MSN login id and password and that’s it. You are hacked!

This is what the website looked like. Don’t be fooled. Don’t key in your login user id and password. Who knows what the people behind will use it for. Perhaps to commit fraud or to trick you into giving away your credit card details or perhaps better yet, identity theft. Use your personal details to sign up for credit cards and run up a bill at your expense and ruining your credit reputation at the same time. So, forewarned is forearmed. Be smart and don’t give away your details. Cheers!

Phising website pretending to be a MSN block or delete checker

Phising web list reference:

5 thoughts on “Phising website – MSN block delete checker – different look, same modus operandi”

  1. Don’t key in your MSN id and password. Inform your friend that he/she has been infected and that he/she should at least change their MSN password.

  2. Block Delete Scam

    Yeah boy did this block delete ever hit the internet hard. So many people have received emails, messages through MSN Messenger to check this out. What a bad idea!

    The people messaging you through MSN are not the people you believe you are talking to, they are the hackers pretending to be your friends through their account. Like Jan said never enter your information through 3rd party websites they may just be phishing. As the saying goes hook, line, sinker. People need to protect their information or credentials. This person has so many domains now all directing to this scam. Be careful when using the internet, your identity may be at risk.

    Jan love your blog, Great work! Thanks for sharing this article as knowledge is the best defence against identity theft and scams.

    Talk to you soon,

    Jamie Boyle

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