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Photography Basics

It is good learning photography basics as that would mean taking better pictures all round. Back in the old days of film photography, it was very expensive to take up this photography hobby. Then digital cameras came and well you know the rest is history. Though the first digital cameras were so exorbitant, so like all digital devices it eventually came down where just about anybody could afford it. My first digital camera was a Fujifilm with only 2 megapixels. It had very nice colours and pretty good colour graduation. It uses a smartmedia storage card and get this, needs 4 AA batteries to power it!

Times has change as digital photography technology improved. Now I owned a smattering of digital cameras from the expensive Digital SLR and various compacts, some of which has serious hardware problem due to heavy usage. Well they don’t build them to last nowadays.

By the way, owning an expensive digital camera does not mean you would take extremely good photos. It just means that the picture you attempt to take will look nicer with better clarity, sharpness and colour. The best equipment is still the one behind the lens, the grey matter that judges how a good scene is to be taken, sometimes requiring split second judgement and camera readiness. In fact I have taken some interesting photos just by using my mobile camera, some of my early mobile phone only has 0.3 megapixels and the picture came up rather interesting with all the fuzziness and all.

Photography Tips

So like they said, it is not the camera but the person behind the lens that knows how to control the photography equipment and judge a scene and makes the best shot out of it! And of course with a little photoshop magic, you could make better picture out of ordinary photo shots too!

So here’s to learning photography basics to snap that perfect shot!

Photography Basics