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Planning to tweak my website again

I have been thinking about it awhile. With so many disparate SQL database and sub web site scattered around this personal domain of mine, I thought of cleaning it up a bit. After all, most of the incoming web site traffic is to this blog anyway. This might also meant breaking some incoming links.

Well that’s the price to pay for cleaning up the web site. I probably won’t lose much incoming web site traffic. Those web pages weren’t bringing much page views anyway. So probably it might be best to merge it into this wordpress blog.

On the one hand I was thinking of shifting those web pages in the root part of the domain to another sub-domain to make the topic stick together. Then again may be not. Still mulling around and trying to figure out what would be the best way.

It’s quite fun and interesting to make your own web site, but the hacking and tweaking part really takes up a fair amount of time. I guess as a hobby it’s what I do. I use to dismantle and reassemble my old Pentium III PC, re-partitioning the hard disk to install the various O/S like Linux, MS-DOS, BEoS, Windows 98SE, etc. and multi-boot them. And when I mentioned it to a friend, he said he would “pengsan” (faint) at the way I’m making the PC so complicated! LOL!

Well, looks like I’m doing it again with my own personal web site. I have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled the various MySQL software provided by Fantastico De-Luxe and Simple Scripts. If I dismantle my root installation, I’m sure some of the internal links would break. It might take me awhile to find out where the broken links are and fix them too.

Having used WordPress for so long, I think the Drupal installation was not as good as I thought it would. The upgrade was rather unstable, and any modification to the templates would be lost with every update. Not to mention some features would disappear as well.

So I just need to think about how I should go about it. I think I’ll sleep it over for the next few days and decide when to do it. As the process would be quite tedious I’m kind of apprehensive to kill the drupal installation and manually move the content. Oh well…

update: 29-Sep-2008

Finally, it’s done! It’s quite an arduous task shifting the post one by one to this wordpress websites. I had to make sure the redirect points to the correct url and have to make sure the internal links are correct as well. No doubt I might have one or two broken links within the site which I may never discover. Hopefully it won’t be too serious.

I tested two types of redirection, one using PHP and another using JavaScript provided by Ryan. PHP was fast when it made its redirection but it tended to make more cpu load on the hosting server. In addition the web page must be in PHP code. Fortunately Drupal could handle PHP code within its posting.

As for JavaScript, it was a bit slow, with the page loading halfway before being redirected. JavaScript processing is done on the user side rather than at the server side, thus the delay in its redirection. It has the advantage of working on most cms software page posting that allowed HTML coding.

Now I just need to wait perhaps for a month or so to get the new pages listed in google before I delete my drupal installation and set up a new front web page which I would probably just use basic HTML to construct.

1 thought on “Planning to tweak my website again”

  1. ooooooo……..O.o…..
    i’m also going to do a makeover for my site after my PMR..haha
    i gonna clean up for faster loading, nicer colours n interface, n neater la

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