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Remove and Get Rid of Feedproxy in Feedburner

I noticed that some of my RSS feeds from Feedburner have the feedproxy.google.com domain and a long squiggly URL. I would like to remove and get rid of the feedproxy in my feedburner feeds and would much prefer to have the URL with my own domain and the webpage URL link. I also noticed that not all my RSS from my various blogs has this issue. So very likely there was some sort of setting at fault.

At first I thought it was Yahoo Pipes as I used it to combine feeds to channel into Feedburner. After checking through, some of my RSS feeds have the feedproxy.google.com domain and some don’t. So it was not the Yahoo Pipes that was causing it.

Then I thought maybe there was some settings in Google Blogger would have caused the feedproxy thingy to show up after meshing up with WordPress feeds in Yahoo Pipes. Scouring through Blogger, there was no setting that could be at fault either.

I checked through the internet and no one seems to have the solution to this problem either. Some people even thought that maybe their Drupal hack was causing the problem or some WordPress widget was at fault. But no one has the solution as no one knew what was creating the feedproxy in the Feedburner feeds.

Running through Feedburner help finally gave me a clue. It seems that if you want click through analytics reports measured in your Google Analytics, Google will modify your RSS URL feeds to that long squiggly URL so that they can measure and report it into your Google Analytics. Hmm… I didn’t recall enabling this feature and possible it became default when Feedburner was bought over by Google. Hence some of my RSS feeds has feedproxy and others don’t. I didn’t require the Google Analytics feedburner reporting and would prefer to have a cleaner RSS URL anyway.

So in order to remove and get rid of feedproxy.google.com/…/abc/12345 etc. whatever, all you need to do was to uncheck the option found in the Analyse Tab, and go to Configure Stat and under the Item Clicks, uncheck the “Track clicks as a traffic source in Google Analytics”. If unsure whether it removed the feedproxy thingy, then uncheck everything. That should get rid of feedproxy for sure!

Note: it make take awhile for your browser to refresh and you may need to clear your cache.

3 thoughts on “Remove and Get Rid of Feedproxy in Feedburner”

  1. Indianapolis Veterinarian

    Lovely! Just the tip I was looking for. Every time I change something, I get at least one bad side-effect. You helped fix this one! LOL!

  2. health lifestyle blog

    What luck finding this tip. I’ve been scratching my head to get rid of that darn feedproxy 🙂

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