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Running Again. Recovering from Plantar Fasciitis

It’s been a while since I last exercised. I laid off for about four months due to a nagging Plantar Fasciitis condition, a heel inflammation which was especially sore in the morning just after waking up from sleep. Just before Chinese New Year, it was so irritating I finally got very fed up and ask the doctor for a cortisone steroid injection. This may not had been a good idea because steroid injection may give rise to other future further complication. But I just could stand it (literally!), and every step was like stepping on a pebble. Even with the injection it took about a week for inflammation to reduce.

After that I went about disposing my pair of Camel working shoes. It had a hard insole which partly contributed to my sore heel. I shouldn’t had hang on to it just to save a few bucks on this fairly new shoe. I gave it away to some friend who needed a pair shoes and fit him to a T. He had no problem with the hard insole and was thankful to have a new set of shoes to wear.

For my remaining working shoes, I added additional cushioning, which made it very comfortable to stand up for some periods and walkabout. I also continued to take Voltaren tablets to reduce swelling. This injury is quite difficult to heal but I managed to recover somewhat to finally enable to start running again. Hooray!

Took it easy as I had not run for so long. I really needed to exercise as it seems I was gaining a little on the waistline. I don’t need the extra pounds like my cat does, he’s quite an eater but not quite that voracious. He’s a healthy 3kg but I’ll let the vet determine that is the ideal weight or not.

With the current hot spell it was pretty difficult going. With the thick moisture laden air, I felt like I was wading in a pool. Breathing the air felt like drowning especially if you are running and trying to have enough air to push through just a little bit longer. The climate weather is just not conducive at all for a proper running exercise.

The BU Park is not a good place to do my run. It hasn’t got enough trees and the lack of surrounding natural environment makes it a poor place for any strenuous activity. Yep, I should go to TTDI park instead, but I didn’t have so much time today and every minute counts when you don’t have so much time in your hands. So a quick few rounds at the BU Park should be just sufficient to keep the metabolism in my body running for a short time.

Well that’s how it is, can’t live a sedentary life because that would lead to health problems related to sedentary living and having exercise would lead to injury to muscle joints and bones. But overall, having to do exercise is much better than not doing it at all, because exercising strengthens the heart lungs and give the body a boost to its immunity system. If any time you become sick, you’ll recover faster. Not to mention the euphoria when the body releases endorphins, a natural kind of opium drug without all its nasty effect. A person just feels naturally happy with all the endorphins floating around in the body.

Ah, time to go to bed soon, with the exercise, you get to sleep better. And a good night’s sleep means a clearer mind to tackle all the nonsense of work thrown at you during the day.

Sweet dreams…

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