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Solved my Office Word 2007 crashing

I always wondered why whenever I start up the Office Word 2007 in Windows Vista and before it could run, it just turn sickly pale and then died by crashing. I have to start it up several times before it finally stabilizes. Very irritating and left me to contemplate using the alternative from Open Office.

Checking around, I found the solution to the crashing problem from a forum. Apparently the registry was somehow corrupted so it needs to be removed.

First start the regedit.exe program

Then follow the path:

Then change the folder called ‘data’ to ‘olddata’
Then change the folder called ‘options’ to ‘oldoptions’

The second folder ‘option’ removal is optional as some web site only suggested removing the ‘data’ folder. Anyway, I just removed both by following the above procedure. After making the changes, when you open up Office Word 2007 again it will create new files to replace the old.

This should help solve some of Microsoft annoyances.

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