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Some problem with Simple Script

Recently I wanted to update my database driven software like this WordPress which was managed by Simple Script. Sure, using Simple Script to manage my software installations in Bluehost was really convenient, but I didn’t expect to see hiccups in their updating of software. Try as I might, the installations wouldn’t update to the latest version.

In the end I had to contact Bluehost support to find out what’s the matter. A flurry of exchanges later, still no solution could be found. Apparently another user also reported a similar problem – inability to update the software using Simple Script.

Simple Script must have changed something in their set up. It has nothing to do with Bluehost as this was a third party system latched on to Bluehost webhosting. It was given free of charge to users like me who signed up with Bluehost webhosting. It is very convenient to use and has good features. You can customize certain settings or if you prefer, you could let Simple Script do all the settings for you.

Well this time there was a hiccup and I just couldn’t update any of my installations. Fortunately there was a workaround suggested by Bluehost support to update the installation. For WordPress I could of course do away with Simple Script and use its own automatic update feature. However, I must have messed up my WordPress installation as it hanged when it tried to update. So no choice, but to do the slower, tedious workaround method.

1. First thing first, was to back up the SQL database, next backup the entire WordPress installation folder.
2. Dig out the database username and SQL database name and password. This info is located in the config.php in the WordPress installation.
3. Then head back to Simple Script in Bluehost account.
4. Remove the current listing of your installation (not delete the installation, just remove from the listing)
5. Install a new fresh installation over your existing installation.
6. Do not use complete auto-installation; use customized installation and key in the database username, database name and password that you copied down earlier.
7. Once the installation is complete, check and see if you can log in. If you can, voila! Congratulations, you have fixed your WordPress installation without losing all your settings and also fixed your connection with Simple Script.

The above method works with WordPress as this software is very robust and can withstand abuses. Not so sure about Joomla, Drupal or other installation though.

1 thought on “Some problem with Simple Script”

  1. hey….
    one more prob for you to solve.
    solve the problem where i cant comment using Opera browser. probably your script to disable copying is a bit outdated?
    I can still comment on my website using Opera browser eventhough I’m using a script which disallows copying. Test it out here http://rfkw.blogspot.com or here also can http://basics-of-photography.blogspot.com . The only difference is that i’m using the blogger system while u’re on wordpress. any idea?

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