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Star Two Rage featured bloggers

The Star Two Rage section is more for the youth, twenty-something who likes to blog. Some of their featured Malaysian bloggers including the super blogger like Kenny Sia and several others. Ok, intriguing. So where do I stand as far as all this bloggers go?

Blogging may be all the rage these days especially in the Malaysian scene. Granted when I pop into blogging a few years back, blogging was still in its infancy (a few years is like millennia, considering the fast pace of online app development!). Back then I started a website about travel, it was a niche topic, doing pretty darn well I should say. But I have more things to say than just happy travelling. So I got myself a blog and started to write about technological stuffs which I like (ok, apart from travel which I also liked, and there are many more things which I like too.)

I may not be as advance technically, since there are so many smart programmers out there, still it was fun and of course the blog was a hobby of sorts and for me to learn more about making websites.

Back to the Star Two Rage featuring the bloggers, Kenny Sia started out in 2005, not too far different from when I started out my website. However there was some key difference, he has lots of free time while I had limited time, so as you can see, he blogs like mad and garnered a very huge website traffic. So I should say it is a lot of hard work to blog like mad to get the kind of website traffic that he has. And if you are thinking ka-ching! and flashing dollars, well guess you have to think again the amount of crazy time and effort that he puts in. If you are just blogging for fun, that’s ok, but if you are blogging for serious side income, then you have to think more carefully.

Anyway, just a bit of curiosity, and to find out how well their website is doing, a quick check with Alexa.com and you will know. Here’s a quick list of some Malaysian bloggers that was featured in Star Two Rage and their Alexa ranking.

Malaysian Bloggers


World Rank

Malaysia Rank


























And how fare mine against theirs?





In terms of traffic KennySia.com takes top spot, but in terms of bounce rate Annna.net is the best. And when compared between these two, I would say Annna.net is much better off than KennySia.com because of the lower bounce rate. A lower bounce rate would mean that the blog or website interest the visitor, and thus the visitor is more engaged and stays around longer to read the blog and visit other web pages.

When you blog about everything and anything under the sun, you are going to see a very high bounce rate. And that seems to be the way for blogs. To achieve a lower bounce rate, your blog or website should be more structured and the topic should be narrowed down. Shotgun approach topics are difficult for people to follow. You end up with many visitors jumping in jumping out.

And wither mine? Just as bad. That’s because I didn’t have any structure either. But then again, this is just a blog for writing about this and that. My other website which is more structured and a narrowed topic does very much better. And of course I don’t wish to end up like the top blogger blogging to death. Of course for the kick out of it, a good website traffic and low bounce rate, now that would be great!

Oh, by the way, if you think blogging is for the twenty-something, think again, I’m double of that and of course a little techie fundamental knowledge goes a long way. Then again, I’m not just blogging completely for fun, a certain amount of pocket money is certainly welcome too!

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