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Taking the plunge to start your own small home business

Hey, it is never easy to get off the launch pad and jump headlong into starting your own small or home business. To have an entrepreneur mind and spirit takes some doing. That’s why those who have worked for others do not feel the inclination to go off on their own because of their false sense of security of getting a monthly paycheck.

It is easy to see a future where you know you will get a fixed income month after month. Easy to plan and budget your monthly household expenditure and to live within the income that you get from a fixed pay. But not so easy if you have not started a small business where you do not know for sure how much you will get in the future. Will you get a certain amount earnings for the amount of effort that you put in? Will you be certain that you will close a deal with your client? Worse, will you be able to collect what they owe to you or will they give all kinds of excuse and avoid paying on time?

For those who work in day to day routine operation like accounting, office administration, or even technical skilled engineers, managers, etc. To jump into a situation where the future is uncertain, where you can’t see a possible paycheck that will be enough to support you and your family sees starting an own business as “risky”. True, there is always an inherent risk when you start a business. You need to plow in quite a sum of capital to kick start it. You may need to take a loan so there is cash flow to pay off any initial expenses. That amount is simply huge in comparison with the constant paycheck that you receive from being employed.

So staying on in the comfort zone seems like the logical choice. But not so. Because even companies now are rather uncertain. The powers to be may make a bad judgment resulting in bad decision which may affect company wide profitability. In order to please the shareholders, they may institute company wide retrenchment which undoubtedly affects all of us. Other times the companies are just plain greedy even though they reported some profits but because they are not satisfied with the profits, which is lower in comparison with previous years earnings, decided to institute cost cutting measures which undoubtedly means retrenchment in the usual way of cost cutting measures.

What does that mean to you? You just a pawn in their business planning. Just a cost to them rather than a valued employee. That’s looking at it in a bird’s eye view. How about within a department or a branch where the branch manager has a bone to pick and it so happens to be you? It is not that you cannot perform, but the manager will ensure that whatever you try to do, he will make sure to play your performance down. No way it will happen to you? Wait till you get a tyrant as your boss. Do you want to wait till it happens? Then you will have to start hunting for a new job when it happens. No way.

I always thought the company will take care of you. But companies do not have feelings. They are just an institution run by people who are more worried about their own profile then taking care of their subordinate. Yes, they care more about their own ego then yours. Very rare do you find a boss that is kind and understanding.

So start your own business. Even part time basis. Question arise as to what kind of business to go in. You heard about internet marketing. It seems you can earn big money in it. Yes, it does, but only if you do so correctly and sometimes quite unethically too. You could jump into franchise business. Well not all franchise business is the same. Some brands are not so strong. Some has intense competition.

Yes, I have plowed quite a tidy sum, time and effort into each. Not really seeing the returns as all the hype says it should. Should I quite starting my own home business? No!

Maybe I should go all into it rather than doing it part time basis. Rather than just testing the waters and sitting by the fences neither here nor there. Jump into the deep end. Sink or swim. A harder struggle will make a person more creative. Would it work? No way to know. Only God knows but it is difficult to make the transition from employed to the self employed.

Only if you know the market well, then maybe you have a ghost of a chance. But an entrepreneur would just jump headlong into any waters just as long as he knows there is money to be made, he will do so and not worry too much about whether he knows much or little, but that he has made the leap. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread? You are either very brave or very stupid. Ah such faith in your own ability. Yes, and that’s what we all need to make the transition. Faith. Faith in God and faith in yourself. Faith. Even if that makes you very stupid but at least you have the guts.

Dare to fail, dare to succeed.

So, I will keep trying. Challenging and daring myself to succeed. Even on a part time basis. Find the loop hole and find a way to do it without suffering too much a setback. Yes, I’m sure there is a way. Have courage, endurance, creative intelligence, and good network. That’s the way to go. That’s the way to go…

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