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Staying over @ Parents’ Home

Loh Sang for properity!Looks like I have to stay the night over at Bangsar house. Sigh! Sure wish I was sleeping in my own bed than on this make shift tatami style bed. Fortunately there’s air conditioning. Bangsar house is always rather warm. Too warm as I remembered it and it is not any different now. Especially during CNY the climate gets warmer.

Yeah, as usual we had the compulsory family reunion dinner. This time, my dad chose a nearby place to his house, The Bangsar Seafood Restaurant. The environment was conducive for conversation as it was not as noisy as the restaurant we went last year. But the food was not good at all. A far cry compared to my wife’s colleague wedding dinner. Perhaps all the good cooks went back to their home town left the inexperience cooks to make up the dish!

This time round, my parents’ good friends George and Lucy joined in the dinner. I guess my parents had a good time despite the lack lustre food.

Bangsar Seafood RestaurantWell after dinner my wife and I had to go back to our house to pack up some gear for the night stay. Wish I could sleep in my own bed tonight. Good old Casper snuggled next to me while I lied down on my own bed while my wife packed up the items to bring over. Before long it was time to go leaving behind a bewildered cat behind.

I’ll be going for a long trip in the next few days with the plan of first going up to Bukit Tinggi to get materials and pictures for my Cameron Highlands website. Then it is off to Raub for another family dinner with Lena’s relatives. After that from Raub, to shoot off to Fraser’s Hill for another two night stay at Silverpark apartment. Of course, to collect more materials and photos for writing some travel Malaysia future articles.

Arriving at the Bangsar house, I managed to squeeze into the parking space provided at the porch. Dad was kind enough to spare a space, after all he did say the car theft rate was rather high.

After settling down into the room, I took out the VCD that Lindy had borrowed from her office movie library. Interesting movie this Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Ok, one VCD down, four more to go. Have to finish it all as she had only one week borrowing time.

After the movie it was time to retire for the night. Just my luck, though the room was cool with air conditioning, there was lots of mosquitoes buzzing around the room. I managed to kill off a few, but there many more flying around. Well no choice now. Have to stay the night with my wife and mosquitoes for company.

Hope to have a good night sleep provided the mosquitoes don’t have ear buzzing party!

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