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Streamyx is slow because…

Apparently there was a damaged to TMnet submarine cable network linking Malaysia and Europe. And service degradation was expected for connection to North America because they will reroute some of the connection. No wonder the internet service was so, so bad, especially those linking to overseas. Since this web site is hosted in the US, it was similarly affected. And it was expected the undersea cable to be fixed and the online services restored by 31/Dec/2008.

Sheesh… Even posting a page takes like forever. A page will load real slowly. Especially if a site using PHP like WordPress, Joomla, phpBB or any other server side enabled web sites. Simpler web sites were still not so bad. If a page was just created using simple HTML/CSS and a bit of SSI/PHP, the page loads quite fast. And not all sites were affected. Some sites and most Google services still run fairly well.

And of course coupled with the general yearend holiday breaks with many people going online searching for this and that, congestion like the highway during rush hour severely test your patience. With the service connection so bad, I couldn’t really do much hacking on my web site. Sending in multiple requests by clicking on the links and refresh links only caused server error which was much worse. It caused my web site to shutdown temporary because it detected something like artificial server load. DOS? But that was kind of strange because it was just only me clicking several times on the links or refresh button out of frustration. Besides my web site traffic wasn’t that high to cause the server to be down. Rather odd.

Could be other web site co-hosted on the same server box causing heavy traffic. After all, it was yearend and there could be many people online searching for offers or doing something to pass their time during their holiday break.

Anyway, I hope TMnet will fix it soon, ’cause the line congestion is like unbearable. Sigh…

17 thoughts on “Streamyx is slow because…”

    1. Ouch…! Streamyx down again on Christmas day from 5pm onwards. I was doing something and then I couldn’t get online anymore. It was down in USJ, then I get back home also cannot use. I couldn’t get online even after midnight! (one good point, can go to sleep lor… haha!) streamyx users really has to put up with all this bad service from TMnet. But no choice, they are monopoly as far as land line broadband service. Wish there was an alternative land line broadband service, but no such luck. TMnet has 1st mover advantage but not “keep the user satisfied” advantage. Sigh…

  1. Merry Christmas! It was quite slow in my home too yesterday. I can’t even access your website. However, the connection “seems” to be back on track today as I access it in my office. Maybe, a lot of people on leave today!

  2. well, so far the only prob with streamyx i had wuz slow, in the sense that it gives me a little bandwidth and also, some site fail to load and needed a few refresh then only can work.
    other than that, i only was unable to connect to streamyx once.
    but last thursday(25-12-2008), speed was good, even during the day. i guess almost everyone wasnt online in the office and also, everyone was out shopping, so got good speed.
    there is an alternative landline internet service btw. i think if your house phone is by maxis, then u cant use streamyx but have to use maxis broadband.

  3. Next day after Christmas the service was up again. It was pretty ok. Then on Monday, a public holiday, the service was lagging yet again. WordPress was running really slow, even with many refreshes the admin pages wouldn’t load (had to force a lot of times b4 it finally loaded, but still could’t do much because it was lagging so much I just couldn’t do any posting). The public pages were still ok, though the loading was slow and sometimes hang, until forced refresh. The advertlets/nuffnang were also causing this web site to hang. Anyway, their payout was really low in comparison with adsense, so I’ll just keep it in my blog and not for my other higher trafficked web site.

  4. ohhh…….man..!!!!!!!!
    streamyx unstable even at 2am+!!!!!!!
    sometimes disconnect, then it’ll connect back at some dumb 300+kbps when i paid for 1mbps, then after a while, websites starts getting errors….then it’ll try to connect again….haihhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. NO Streamyx MALAYSIA!

    Sampah Streamyx!! Pay RM88 Give me the bad then 56k modem Line! Every Years also will get 3 or 4 tims of this problems! The TM Streamyx company Become Malaysia BIG Cheater Company Already! The line slow 2 month or 3 month we are not getting some discount and must pay back the money!! Anyway!! “STREAMYX LINE SLOW WE PAY SLOW”

  6. Hi Everyone

    1. I urge everyone to check whether you are getting the download speed that you subscribed from streamyx. For your info, you should get at least 90%.
    2. Please click this link to see how much speed you get. Click a few times to confirm. (http://promos.mcafee.com/speedometer/test_0150.asp)
    3. If you are getting below 50%, please do a print screen.
    4. To do a print screen, put your cursor at the down right hand corner (put the cursor at the time) to get the date and day appear. Once appear, press together the keyboard buttons ctrl and prt sc.
    5. Next click start, All Programs, Accessories, Paint
    6. Press keyboard buttons ctrl and v
    7. Then File, Save As (put a name) Save into your desktop
    8. Send it as attachment to amarjit.singh@cmc.gov.my,shaharliza@cmc.gov.my,mdshaani@fomca.org.my
    9. They need your support and evidence to bring up to TM
    10. Please support for everyone benefit

    Thank you.

  7. I hate u , streamyx!!! u made my life miserable!!! i hate u i hate u ihate u!!!, #### streamyx!!!! go ### !!! #### streamyx!!!

  8. oo la la! very strong comments from users. Streamyx seem to slowdown lately (Feb’09). School holidays around the corner in March. Guess more users going online to look for holiday travel destinations. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) not as bad as was in Nov/Dec’08. That time was really like swimming in mud!

  9. Aiiyoo.. I’ve just got my modem yesterday and I’m very frustrated with the speed. I pay RM140 for 1.0Mb streamyx bussiness package but only got 10kb/s transfer rate when updating my antivirus software. I went out for lunch and when I return the progress bar haven’t reach even 50%. So..ssaaad.. huhuhu..

  10. Streamyx starting to cheatting our money now, we pay the price never can get the speed! same like me pay RM88 get slow than 56k Modem Speed and cannot Discount. This new service start from “2008 December”


    Me 4 Month No Pay The Bill Already, Streamyx Send Red Bill Come I Just Pay 1 Month Money, If Streamyx Block My Line, I Will Call 1300-88-9515 To F@CK Them! If They Say You Have 4 Month Bill No Pay So They Block My Line! I Will Say You Line So Slow! I Pay You Money So Fast For What?!


    Now I’m Keeping To Hold 3 Month Bill No Pay But I’m Still Can Using It!

    RECOMMAND : Hold Streamyx 2 Month Bill No Pay (2 Month No Pay They Cannot Block Our Line)
    Don’t Let Them Play Us! Power In Your MONEY!
    Come Everyone Do Like This! Only Me One People They Can’t Feel It.

    Nissan – Shift_the future
    Honda – Power of dream
    Toyota – Moving forword
    STREAMYX – Ready To Be WaterFISH

  11. Nissan – Shift_the future
    Honda – Power of dream
    Toyota – Moving forword
    STREAMYX – Slowers as usual! Demmit!

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