Street Machines

Street machines, well cars, automobiles, vehicles on the road and what’s not, we need them to ferry us around, transport goods, getting from one place to another. That’s the functional part. On the other hand, it also conveys your status and personality. Your alter ego of sorts. What type of car you like to drive or dream of owning (for those of us who just couldn’t afford it and have to downgrade our ownership for that functional use) would be an outward projection of your inner self.

My brother is a very keen car enthusiast, he likes the sporty cars and on some occasions, did take part in some drifting event. Since having a crash would be very costly for repairs, he takes it easy on a drift. Sure, he may not win any prizes, but he did it for the joy of participation.

I’m not so crazy about cars, but a good car would mean a very comfortable ride. However car ownership in this part of the world is very costly, so I just make do with whatever that was available to me.

Some may say the drivers here in Malaysia are one crazy lot. Very warm and cordial in person, but pretty much crazy when behind the wheel. Well, that’s life here in this country!

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