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Baby 5 ½ Months Old

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

My baby is 5½ Old and there are interesting changes. In fact some of the changes are very noticeable week by week. He is learning new expression! I heard him blow raspberries for a few days and then stopped. Next he was screeching with glee! Apparently he learned it from his cousin sister who started the high pitch screech which turn was mimicked by the other two children my mom-in-law was babysitting and in turn was imitated by my baby! Oh, children are so impressionable! You just have to be aware of how you behave as they would pick up your mannerism! (more…)

robinsons at gardens midvalley

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

When the wife shops the guys end up fiddling with gadgets or end up blogging like this. Thank goodness for high tech device or we end up pretty bored. Still bored but at least got something to fidget about. Heheh. Shop still kinda empty but I think some shops are open for biz although still CNY. Many biz will close for week. My company is closed for a week and many factories likewise too. Retail may not close so long but many coffeshops are still closed. Anyway is good to walkabout and look-look see-see. Without too many things todo coz next week would be a really busy week!

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