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Toyota AE86 Specifications

Monday, November 15th, 2010

North American AE86 specifications

There are three types of Corolla Sport RWD for the US market: DX, SR5, and GT-S, though the DX was generally an internal Toyota designation, as brochures, and advertising do not include the DX designation; it consisted of a lower trim level, lighter duty suspension parts and the like.

Since my brother had this car for awhile before he moved on to his Nissan 180SX, would be interesting to list out the Toyota Corolla AE86 specification for general interest. I even had a neighbor who actually still remembered my brother’s old AE86 and that was something like 10 years ago! Anyway, the specs here should give those car enthusiast buff a look-see at the specs. (more…)

Toyota Wish review and specifications

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Toyota Wish is a multi-purpose urban spor

ty vehicle. Having owned it and driven it around, I would consider it very easy to drive. It is an MPV that handles more like a car than a bulky MPV. Due to the longer length, side parking may be problematic though the rear sensors helped with the parking. The width is much like a normal car width making it easy to negotiate through heavy traffic. (more…)

A Toyota Wish comes true

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

A Toyota Wish comes true! Well, not exact

ly but close enough. My wife, Lena has been thinking of buying a bigger car to ferry the whole family clan for outing. She had been rather dissatisfied with the Toyota Vios as it could not ferry her parents, her sister and various aunties and uncles. (more…)

Old tire condition of my Toyota Altiss

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

Look at the nail inside the tire!While collecting my car from the workshop, I went and inspect my old car tires. It was a very scary experience because I was not aware how bad my tire condition was. Although I knew my tires were wearing out at the side to warrant changing, the inspection really open my eyes to the deteriorating condition of the tires. (more…)

Of Cars and Tires

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

Stack of old tires, 4 piecs from my Toyota Altiss were stacked here.It is not safe to drive around with tires that have already worn out. To think that I was crazy enough to drive around town with tires that has minimal treads, I even took a trip with passengers on a trip outstation to Segamat to attend a friend’s wedding. Thank goodness for God’s protection nothing untoward has happen. The trip went along quite smoothly. It was a 3 hour drive there and a 3 hour drive back. Left me pretty much tired the next day. Age must be catching up on me or perhaps my physique and mental stamina has not been that good anyway since any long distance driving always makes me rather tired. (more…)