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The gall of it! aka website rippers.

I knew it will happen one day. Sure enough, all my hard work and cost in making my trips to Cameron Highlands to snap photos and get information for my website, and this other website just download the photo and use it on their website without permission and without paying royalties. And to add insult to injury, they have the gall to use my map of Cameron Highlands and removed my website reference and put their own web address!

This is too much! It took me a long painstaking week to draw the map and here we have a website that just simply lift the map off my website, erased my web reference and use it as though they owned it!

I am quite careful and try not to use other people’s picture as it would lead to copyright issues. If it was taken from source material, I would seek permission or put a source reference to it. Even though I have bought several maps and books for source reference but I did not just scan it and post it onto my website because it would then violate the publisher’s copyright.

It really dishearten me when I see my work being used without permission.

I’m sending a complaint to the website publisher and hopefully they will comply with my request to take off from their website.

I think I should set up some kind of fees notice for commercial website who wishes to use my photos. It would be nice to receive some fees to cover my cost of maintaining my website.

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