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The Vines Apartment, Swan Valley, Perth.

The Vines Apartment in Swan Valley was truly a great accommodation. Only problem was that it was located quite far away from Perth city, Australia. It takes about 50 minutes of driving from Perth. You may wonder why we ended in such an isolated accommodation. Well, sometime ago we joined Sara Worldwide Vacation Club which was affiliated with Interval International and decided to use up the points or it will go to waste. It seemed like a good idea at that time to join up, but like most timeshares, there were many restrictions and limitations. Though the apartment accommodation provide was superb, and the number of affiliated hotels, resorts and accommodation worldwide listed looked a lot but the actual number of available hotels and resorts for each specific region and timing were actually rather limited.

The Vines Apartment, Swan Valley, Perth Australia.

The bedroom of The Vines Apartment, Swan Valley, AustraliaVacation club in my personal opinion was more suited for westerners and people who preferred to just sit back and relax in the resort itself. Unlike most Asians like us, whenever we go visit a country, we prefer to move around and go for sight-seeing. Of course, most travel agent tour itinerary would include museums and prominent landmarks but that was not to everyone’s liking. Enough of stuffy old museum with antiquities and ancient civilization. We are here for the present, though some stories of the past would spice things up.

The Vines Apartment that we got was two rooms and was able to accommodate 4 person. Since there was 5 of us, 3 of us shared the master bedroom which has a Queen size bed. There were two separate well equipped bathrooms. The living room was spacious with a medium size LCD TV with a JVC Hi-Fi set capable of playing DVDs , a desk, two sofas and a dining table. Wall mounted LCD TV was also provided in the master bedroom so we did not have to get stuck watching the same TV programmes. The kitchen was build along the corridor complete with microwave oven, kettle, toaster, stove, and with various utensils. A washing machine with drier was provided as well. With the laundry unit meant that we could reduce the amount of clothing we had to bring as we could wash our clothes. Still it was a wonder how we ended up bringing so much luggage. On closer inspection, we brought a tad too many warm clothing. Well it serves to be prepared. Though it was not as cold as I thought it would be for an end of Winter season.

The living and dining room of The Vines Apartment, Swan Valley, AustraliaOne thing caught us by surprise was that housekeeping was only done once for the whole duration of our one week stay. If we needed housekeeping, it would cost us A$70 each time! Oh, well, we could live without that luxury. How dirty could we get? Actually the seniors did get the bathroom somewhat messy since they were not experienced travelers. Could also be the bathroom design since the water splashed out to the main bathroom floor when they were having a shower.

The grounds of the Vines Apartment were simple but beautiful. Located next to a golf course, we could see the greens. Being so far away from the city, inevitably wildlife did pop in once in awhile. The first morning there was a trio of kangaroos around our yard. Should have taken a snapshot but at that time I just woke up feeling a little groggy and not thinking quite straight. Though they didn’t return for the rest of our stay, a pair of ducks did drop by twice for some breakfast.

The corridor where the kitchen and laundry unit was located in The Vines Apartment, Swan Valley, AustraliaGetting there for the first time, we were a little apprehensive. Since we drove there at night and we weren’t very familiar with the roads. It took us a little longer to reach The Vines Apartment traveling at a slower speed. We made one wrong turn at the Tonkin / Reid Highway and had to double back to right on track. Earlier Catherine gave us a set of directions which she obtain from the internet. One look at it I decided to give it up in favour of the directions given by Interval International. It was simpler and easier to navigate using the main roads rather than criss-crossing via the small roads.

Here’s how to get there:

From Perth go north using the Mitchell Freeway. Go east on Reid Highway (along the way watch out for Tonkin Highway and don’t mistakenly drive straight into it because Reid Highway will turn a sharp left at the traffic lights). Turn North on Great Northern Highway. Turn left on West Swan Road (after the bridge). Turn right onto Millhouse Road (can see a big signboard to the Vines). Turn right on Chateau Place. Turn right on Verdelho Drive. The Vines reception is at the end of the road.

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2 thoughts on “The Vines Apartment, Swan Valley, Perth.”

  1. Hi, thanks for the great effort in compiling all these info on Perth! We r planning to go in Nov (also on II timeshare). Was just wondering if you could post some info on how much you spent for yr 7 days there. Thanks. -williamlim

    1. I forget. I think maybe RM16K? There was 5 of us and each contributed some amount. Food was rather expensive. Budget about AUS15-20 per person per meal. You can save some $$ by having your own breakfast and occasional dinner. If you are going for Interval International Apartment style accommodation, there should be cooking and washing facilities. Check with the hotel by giving them a call or email.

      Perth/Australia supermarket has interesting food and many not available in Malaysia. Give them a try!

      Also budget for souvenirs and purchases for wines and other stuff. No harm bringing extra cash. Just change back to RM if you have leftovers though you may suffer exchange loss. Otherwise you can contemplate using credit card.

      Car rental, I think we paid about RM1K+ for it using credit card. Fuel price is more expensive than Malaysia and each pump station has different price. So keep a watch out for cheaper petrol station and do take a mental note for comparison.

      Hope the above helps.

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