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Twitter is a microblogging service where you can only post really short post of 140 characters. And that is really short, because sometimes you want to say more but you have already run out of space! Some people will then divide it into two posts. However, I try to keep it within the 140 character limit and cut out unnecessary ideas in the little short post. What is difficult sometimes is the long URLs in the twits, although Twitter will shorten it automatically for you, in the post itself it is at its normal length thus using up your precious character limit.

Twitter suddenly became very popular because two rival celebrity challenging each other in Twitter-sphere, which made Twitter jump into mainstream usage. I forgot who they were, but anyway whether Twitter would become actually very useful or not will remain to be seen. With only 140 character limit, you can only post very brief info. More like a news brief or headline kind of announcement. Perhaps it is just that.

One of my friends asked me how useful is Twitter anyway? If it stands alone, I don’t think it is that useful. I hardly check who post what anyway. But there are now many apps online that can use it to link from one app to another, now that really bumps up its usefulness.

So now what I did was to link Twitter to Facebook, and where possible from Facebook to Twitter. You might think this would cause an endless loop. Nope it didn’t happen. I guess they must have put in some subroutine to prevent endless loop posting.

I also found some interesting apps online where you can post your blog feeds into Twitter. Called TwitterFeed, where they will pull in your RSS feeds and repost it to Twitter. I also notice those post gets reposted into Facebook too. Have to be careful about it though as my Facebook has a note section where it pulls in RSS feed from my blogs and that might just get double posting. Will have to adjust each of my social website settings to avoid double posting.

Another interesting thing I found was that I could repost my Twitter feeds right back into my website using Simplepie. Cool, eh? However I noticed the link within the Twitter feed is not working. Oh well. Nothing is always perfect. To follow the link within Twitter you just have to click through to Twitter site itself and click through from there.

Oh, well… the world is a twittering and so am I.


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