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Very slow internet connection again – Conficker worm or Streamyx problem?

Argh! Not again! The internet connection is atrociously slow. This time who should I blame? Streamyx or Conficker worm? Perhaps both? Apparently the Conficker worm has been wrecking havoc around the world since it was triggered on April Fool’s day and has managed to infect thousands of web servers, web sites and millions of computers around the world starting from the East to West as the time zone slowly switches the date to 1st April.

According to AFP, this Conficker worm (also known as DownAdUP) hasn’t launched its payload yet but it has worm itself into many web sites. It was even able to modify its code to make it harder to be removed from infected servers. Based on what the anti-virus people managed to find out, Conficker can be used to reach out to 250 web sites to download additional command from its masters.

With so many infected machines, the threat from this Conficker will continue well beyond the 1st April date. It is no wonder there was a reward offering of US$250,000 to catch the culprits behind this computer virus.

For the rest of us, the internet is going to be slow. I myself find it hard to log in to my WordPress Web sites, Site Build It logins, and even my web hosting companies. The loading bar would just show it is loading, loading, loading… it is like taking an eternity to download anything!

I hope this would be resolved soon. Taking no chances, I’m updating my anti-virus pattern, but with the slow internet connection, it was taking hours to download the latest anti-virus database pattern. Just have to bear with it and hope the anti-virus could do its job to avoid infection.

It is times like this a page by page content rich make your own web site would be superior than a SQL database build web site. It runs much faster as it has less web server overheads, but the drawback is less automated features like RSS and Sitemap generation as well as comment forms etc.

4 thoughts on “Very slow internet connection again – Conficker worm or Streamyx problem?”

  1. the only thing that can stop me from agreeing with this is if i start getting better web experience.
    times are real bad…slow loading. takes forever to load. even this site takes years to load. to post a comment would take even decades. i have to click post, and then go on and do my homework and then only comeback to check.
    happens on a lot of website today. dont know why…real fustrating when trying to get work done and it doesnt load!!!

  2. I cancel Streamyx a month ago and change to Wimax. So far the connection is quite steady. Initially, I tried out their package as they offer a 15 days trial basis. So far so good.

    1. I was thinking about Wimax too. They have a RM$49/mo package, but need to sign up 2 years if I want to get their modem of RM$199 for free. Let’s see how’s your trial go and let me know, ya?

  3. Corrupt Govt

    The internet is waking up sheeple who still do not realize that corrupt governments issue UNLIMITED FREE MONEY for governments themselves and cronies while sheeple slave the whole lives for pennies.

    Governments fear that the internet will disclose more of their evil acts thus begin to limit bandwidth and even block many enlightening sites.

    Educate yourselves about what the New World Order is up on their sinister sleeves.

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