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More hacking and tweaking my website

Either I enjoy just tweaking the website instead of really building it or I’m just plain old procrastinating from writing articles. Whatever, it is not good to do just that because I’ll not be adding additional articles. And search engines are just that, they love articles addition to your web site. Content is king as they say and Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc are just that. It means that your web site is alive and kicking when articles are constantly being added.

Adding article on my own takes time. It takes time to research and it takes time to write. It is no wonder that web master rather steal than write their own articles. This year alone, I found three web site taking articles from my Cameron-Highland-Destination.com website, one for a blog filled with adsense, another full fledge CH travel web site, and finally another CH web site with minor mod to my article. Hey, I can tell it is mine because the form and structure including the words that I use that most people don’t usually bother is still in the article.

How lazy can a webmaster be just simply copying my website. Sigh! I probably can’t stop them much. There are also lazy WIKI editor too, they just copy my stuff straight into the WIKI site even though WIKI already strictly said that contributing editor should write their own!

Makes me wonder if I should work so hard to get my facts right only to see it used by another CH web site whose sole purpose was to just simply copy and paste without a major re-write. Minor re-write with bad prose is still copying!

Sheesh…! So no choice, but to look for some other way to deter lazy webmaster from copying my stuff. One idea is to make my article extremely personal, not at all like the third person view and bland travel guide, but a rather rough personal guide with own voice and character, sprinkled with reference to my web site and what’s not. Another is to institute minor copy protection, makes it harder for the casual plagiarizer to copy my content. Even my photos are not spared from webmaster who just love to “right click and save as” into their PC and then upload to their website.

Enough of moaning and sulking about. Copyright laws are pretty non-existent in the world of internet. It just whether the netizens and owners of website care to be morally ethical. But when there is money to be made, people just get selfish and don’t care a hoot about copyright laws.

Just have to keep going and keep making my ultimate website about Cameron Highlands, make your own website for fun and profit, and my soho home business website. Gotta keep on going…

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