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What a busy fortnight!

Life shouldn’t be so busy until there is not enough time to do the things you like or even to clear up the daily chores. It was one heck of a fortnight starting with National Achievers Congress (NAC) 2007 on the 21st & 22nd, followed with a business trip to Jakarta on the 24th & 25th and finally with World Internet Summit (WIS) from 26th to 29th of which I attended three days out of the four days.

And now, I will be going up to Cameron Highlands for Church Camp for four days starting from 1st to 4th June. Phew! Way, way too busy. I hope the church camp would not be too taxing. After Jesus promised that all who come to Him will get rest.

NAC 2007 was very inspiring, with many world class speaker talking about how to be successful and what needs to be done to achieve it. On the other hand, many of the speakers also have their own motive of hawking their program on how to become successful and rich. But once they become rich they have lots of free time and they could do a lot of charity. If you want to contribute to your church and society it is necessary to become rich and successful. Good point. Now only how to go about doing it…

Jakarta trip was interesting. Though it was not much in the way of business development. At least I got to know them a little better which was a start, just like my trip to Taiwan last April. Who knows? Something may come out of it.

The city itself was not particularly interesting with lots of smog. I think the government still have some ways to go to get their environmental act together. Considering sometimes their haze get blown over to Malaysia. Traffic wise it is quite bad with load and load of traffic.

WIS was interesting though the same situation applies with that of NAC with many of the speakers hawking their wares. Though I could still pick up a few gems from what they talk about. But it can get really technical when I looked around the hall, I spotted several attendees snoozing away at their chair. Yar, attending seminars is quite tiring. Especially if the speaker is boring. If it interest you, then you get to learn a few things or two which will help you out in your particular field of interest.

Hmmm, got to cut this short, my other half is blowing steam because I writing this journal? Heck, there is never enough time to do the things you like!

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