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What is this hyperpromote.com appearing on my website?

If you are wondering why you are getting some pop-up / pop-under with URL of hyperpromote.com or the full URL http://www.hyperpromote.com/tags/showp.dbm?cid=222 there is no need to be alarmed. At first I was also wondering why there was this hyperpromote pop-under appearing when I access my personal blog website. It took me awhile to figure out what it was as the pop-up / under only showed a blank screen.

At first I did a quick search for this hyperpromote.com thingy and found several website was also plague with this hyperpromote. Some even though it was a website infected with malware or virus. I thought to myself, cannot be my website got hacked although I know there were many attempts by hackers trying to penetrate into my blog by using SQL injection and trajectory traversal.

Thinking carefully, then the realization dawn upon me that it is most likely from one of my advertisement. At first I thought Advertlets or Nuffnang made it. However all the while these two pay-per-click online advertisements never had any problem except for the poor monetization from these two, though they have very nice eye-candy graphics, so I just use them mainly as decoration on my personal blog website.

Eventually I narrowed down to the recent advertisement that I have installed not so long ago:

Bidvertiser Ads

So the culprit was from Bidvertiser Ads. Although they have similar style pay-per-click monetization as Google Adsense, they have another added feature of creating pop-ups or pop-under for additional earning for the webmaster. The pop under ads are enabled by default for all new publisher sign up. I didn’t know about it, besides it was not working till recently. I know, I know, pop-ups and pop-unders are very much annoying and can be easily fouled by using pop-up blockers. All the current browsers are able to prevent such pop-up advertisement. I just wanted to experiment the monetizing potential. Anyway, looks like I will have to disable the pop under ads since it is more annoying although according to Bidvertiser the payout is higher the normal Bidvertiser advertisement display on my personal blog website.

According to Bidvertiser, the pop under will only be displayed once every 24 hours which is still not too irritating I suppose. But it did left me scratching my head for awhile. Also it might cause some anxiety to visitors to the website, so it might be best to disable this hyperpromote.com pop under advertisement. Better to give my website traffic visitor peace of mind than trying to earn a few bucks (more like a few cents since the return so far is not that great).

For now I will just let Bidvertiser serve up its normal Adsense like advertisement without the hyperpromote pop under ads and let all my online advertisement clutter my website and see which ones will have the best return after some period of exposure.

3 thoughts on “What is this hyperpromote.com appearing on my website?”

  1. Thanks for this info. My blog is also being plagued by this hyperpromote ad. I will now turn it off.

  2. Oh my gosh, THANK YOU for this news! I was worried too why this pop up occured. Phew, now I am calmed down a bit. THANK YOU again 🙂

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