WordPress Posting gets 403 File Permission Error

Here we go again! After shifting my website to another host, some things just didn’t work right. I attempted to make a WordPress post but got a 403 File Permission error. Other than that, my entire WordPress website is running smoothly. I could view the post and pages, I could log into the dashboard and bring up the add post page.

But when I attempted to preview or make a post, my server elicit a 403 File Permission error. Tried a few times but if it didn’t work, it wouldn’t work. I recall I had some similar issues some years back, giving my blog a quick searched showed a different error that I encountered, a 404 file not found error. That time it was far worse, because no post would show up!

This time it is just not able to make any preview or post. Other than that, my WordPress was rather fine. There are two possible scenarios to this issue:

1) The server folder permission was set incorrectly
2) Plugins causing conflict within WordPress

Since I made a move of this WordPress installation to a new web hosting server, perhaps some folder permission was set incorrectly. There are two ways to look through the file or folder permission, one by using the FTP Filezilla software, or by logging in directly into your web host control panel file manager.

Some of the folders to look through were:

|- index.php
|- wp-admin
| `- wp-admin.css
|- wp-blog-header.php
|- wp-comments-post.php
|- wp-commentsrss2.php
|- wp-config.php
|- wp-content
| |- cache
| |- plugins
| |- themes
| `- uploads
|- wp-cron.php
|- wp-includes
`- xmlrpc.php

I was also surprised to see some folder with permission levels of 777 when running through the folders. Having permission levels off 777 is akin of open your house door wide open allow any Tom, Dick or Harry into your living room. And since the internet has many unsavory characters you wouldn’t want them into your house without a legitimate reason. It was best to revert those permission levels to 755 for some security reason. Going through the folders took a while it was quite a manual process. For security sake it has to be done.

Next it was time to check the plugins. The right way to do this was to disable all the plugins and switch each one on and then make a preview or test post and see if the 403 File Permission error crop up. I was kind of tired from the process and took a little short cut and disabled the usual suspects. Made a preview, and hey, the preview worked.

So it was a plugin issue, so now it was time to switch on each plugin one by one and make preview post to check it was working. Strangest thing was, I switched on every plugin that I switched off earlier and there was no issue at all!

Perhaps the plugins need to be switch off then on again to reset its parameters after changing web host. But this was just a guess. As long as it works and no more pesky 403 file permission error when making a WordPress post, I don’t have to find out the reason for this misbehaving plugins.

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