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Yahoo Site Explorer

The Yahoo Site Explorer is a tool for you to view and manage your website web pages, to find out which pages were indexed by Yahoo and to control which pages should or should not be indexed by Yahoo.

Screenshot of Yahoo Site Explorer

By submitting your website into the Yahoo Site Explorer, you could also improve your search ranking standing with Yahoo and giving your web site some well need exposure. By using the site explorer, you could also:

  • Find which sites and subpages are indexed by Yahoo! Search!.
  • Find pages that link to that site or any page. (inlinks)
  • View the most popular pages from any site.
  • Submit and track feeds for your sites.
  • Find what subdomains of the site known to Yahoo!.
  • See other information Yahoo! detects about your site, such as language.
  • Delete URLs that you don’t want indexed by Yahoo!

Here’s how to get your Yahoo Site Explorer and submit your web site for managing it.

  1. Sign up a Yahoo account if you don’t have one and log in to Yahoo.
  2. Proceed to:

  3. Add your web site to the list
  4. Authenticate your web site by clicking on the Authenticate link and follow their instructions
  5. Once your site has been authenticated, you may proceed to manage your site.
  6. If your site has an RSS feed, it would be a good idea to include it in the Feeds column to help gain additional exposure to your web site. The Feeds section could also be used to submit your sitemap.xml file which you have created.

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