Coming in November's PCWorld: The Most Dangerous Places on the Web

Coming in November's PCWorld: The Most Dangerous Places on the Web
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September 28, 2010

Coming in the November 2010 Issue of PCWorld:

Yes, it's a minefield out there--so here's a guide to some of the
hazards, the degree of danger they present, and how to stay safe
while you surf. Also in this issue, learn how to master your
camera's scene modes and manual adjustments. We show you how to
capture great close-ups, fast action, night cityscapes, and other
tricky shots. And be sure to read our roundup of cool all-in-one PCs,
which are winning lots of fans. They're stronger than netbooks and
cheaper than comparable laptops.

We welcome your comments about any of the tips, reviews, and news in
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sfox @ pcworld .com

* In the Current Issue *

Technology's Biggest Myths
Expensive cables are better! Defragging speeds up your PC! Refilling
ink cartridges ruins your printer! We put these and other claims to
the test to find the truth behind tech's tallest tales.
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The 10 Stupidest Tech Company Blunders
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The Perfect PC: Don't Buy It, Build It
Whether you've budgeted $500 for a new machine or given yourself $1200
to spend, our editors show you how to create the best system for
the money.
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RAM Upgrade Advice
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Overclocking for Newbies
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101 Esential Apps for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone
Tired of picking through thousands of worthless downloads to find a
few gems? Here are our favorite mobile apps for every smartphone.
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* Hot Downloads in the Current Issue *

System Spec
This free, portable application provides all sorts of information about
the PC you run it on, including details about RAM, display, drives,
and CPU.
http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122011/0/

Battery Optimizer
This small application performs various tasks that improve battery life
on a laptop.
http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122012/0/

Encrypt Stick Free
This is one of the most secure and least intrusive ways to encrypt
sensitive data. It runs off a flash drive, on both PCs and Macs.
http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122013/0/

Soluto helps you cut the time Windows takes to fully load after you
log in.
http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122014/0/

* Exclusives *

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. iPad: Compare for Yourself
http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122015/0/

Review: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122016/0/

12 Ways the Tech Industry Is Screwing You (And How to Fight Back)
http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122017/0/

The Web's Most Annoying Apps
http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122018/0/

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* Product Reviews

Toshiba Portege R700-S1330
PCW Rating 91
Pros: Great style for any user; Superb performance in an ultraportable package
Cons: Mushy Chiclet-style keyboard; Too hot, too noisy
Read Complete Review: http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122020/0/
Top Ultraportable Laptops: http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/92463/0/

Lenovo IdeaCentre B500
PCW Rating 83
Pros: Attractive chassis; Strong performance
Cons: Lacks a touchscreen; Finicky wireless keyboard connectivity
Read Complete Review: http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/102917/0/
Best Big-Screen All-in-One PCs (Over 20 Inches) : http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/102918/0/

Origin Genesis Midtower Desktop
PCW Rating 91
Pros: Near-category-leading performance; Cavernous interior makes upgrades easy
Cons: Unattractive exterior
Read Complete Review: http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122021/0/
Top 10 Performance Desktop PCs: http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122022/0/


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on consumer electronics.

IdeaCentre Q110 Mini System
Price: $349.00
User Reviews
Get Best Prices: http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122023/0/
IdeaCentre K320 Mini-Tower Desktop
Price: $749.00
User Reviews
Get Best Prices: http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122024/0/
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Monitors: http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122025/0/

Printers: http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/18034/0/

Laptops: http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122026/0/


* Top News on

Warning: Fake LinkedIn Spam Can Steal Your Bank Passwords
Bogus LinkedIn emails can infect your computer with ZeuS, a
password-stealing Trojan. I know, because it just happened to me.
http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122027/0/

Meet RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook: Slideshow
Research in Motion heats up the tablet wars with the BlackBerry
PlayBook, which aims to outshine Apple and Samsung in business
http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122028/0/


* Top Reviews on

This is a good app for political-news junkies, but better Twitter
integration would be an improvement.
http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122029/0/

Lenovo IdeaCentre Q150: Small in Form and Functionality
A small frame and low price tag aren't quite enough to help
Lenovo's IdeaCentre Q150 pull away from the compact-PC pack.
http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122030/0/

Plantronics Savor M1100: Sit Back, Speak Up, and Tweet
This Bluetooth headset and the new Vocalyst service combine to
create a versatile product that can take dictation, send e-mail,
and upload Twitter updates.
http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122031/0/

eMachines ER1402-05: The Best of the Bottom-Rung Compact PCs
This inexpensive compact PC performs well for the price.
http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122032/0/


* Editor's Collection

Ten Fun, Free Fonts

When "Arial or Times Roman?" becomes as dull a question as "paper
or plastic?" it's time to find a font that will make your words
pop. These attractive fonts range from stately Gothic blackletter
to streaky Gonzo art homage. Some are easy to picture on movie
posters, some on heavy metal concert tees, some on restaurant
menus. None of them costs a dime.

Predatoric 2 | Free
Predatoric 2 is a movie homage font that isn't afraid to hide in
plain sight.
http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122033/0/

Mister Pablo | Free
This TrueType font enters the blackletter line-up with crisp
styling, and an impressive past.
http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122034/0/

High Voltage | Free
Condensed width and crisp styling make this rocked-out TrueType
script font look its best in the spotlight.
http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122035/0/

See (7) more Ten Fun, Free Fonts
http:// lm .pcworld .com/t/1224753/6321235/122036/0/

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