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28 September 2010



Inside this issue:
The best cities to get lost in
The world's wildest street art
Books to read before you go
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Travellers discuss: Islands for backpacking
Top 10 parks around the world
How to eat politely in Japan


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Vivek Wagle
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The best cities to get lost inVenice is one of the best cities to get lost in

Losing your way is inevitable in a new city – so which are the places that are actually better when you get lost? Where are the towns that make those wrong turns seem oh so right?
Let's get lost

Angel of the North, England is one of the best public art

The world's wildest street art

Don't have time to go to the galleries? No problem. In some cities, they bring the art to you. Check out these top 10 pieces of public art for a culture fix on the run. 

Let's van Gogh!


Get a reading fix before you go


See the whirling dervishes

Books to read before you go
You've done your guidebook research, now it's time to discover your destination of choice through more literary means.  Here are some cracking reads to get under the skin of wherever you're headed. 
Start turning those pages


What you've been talking about 
When to see whirling dervishes
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