My Posterous Template

No doubt this was not my best hack on the Posterous template. After porting over my main blog template which was obtained from free CSS template site and then modified to suit my main website, I'm finding some difficulty trying to understand the Posterous template codes. Their Help was rather basic and it didn't serve my Posterous template needs. I tried cobbling the codes by snapping sections of the other templates in the hope that it would do better, but that mean pouring over their CSS code which I'm not much in the mood of trying to understand the many codes.

My Posterous Template

So I try my best to have a Posterous template that looks similar to my main personal blog website as much as possible so at least that took care of some part of it. I could have just used their pre-existing templates and save me a bunch of coding problems. Since they provide custom posterous template so why not try to cobble up something to get the same look and feel for my overall website?

Besides, it was nice of Posterou to have the ability to make your Posterous website template. Unlike Tumblr which didn't have that capability so I have to choose from their existing Tumblr templates. I do notice that Tumblr and Posterous has a few similar templates and I could choose those at least to have some section of my website to have the same look and feel.

But Posterous has one major drawback in that it disallows JavaScript just like Wordpress. That means all my adsense code, analytics (apart from Google's which they provide a slot for you to place your Google Analytics ID code for tracking), and any other useful JavaScript code will not work here. So no chance to earn some side income from blogging here. Oh, well, just can't have everything.

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