My Baby at 4 month old, third week

4 month old, third week Looking for a way to make your baby laugh? Try to mimic his facial
expressions and sounds. Not only will he be tickled pink, but also he'll
learn something about communication, as imitation and repetition are key
ingredients in early brain development. If he hears you say the same words
often enough, he may even begin to make some almost recognisable noises,
including ones that sound suspiciously like "Ma-ma" and "Da-da". While some
babies this age like to spend some time lying on their tummies, others
grumble as soon as they're put into that position. If yours is like that,
don't worry. It doesn't mean he'll be late crawling; it's just that he'd
prefer not to try crawling until he's almost ready to succeed at it. -- Baby

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