Smartphone for Business Users

Naturally with the current popularity of smart phone eliciting many oohs, and ahhhs when someone whip up on of this devices, are they just for show or they have better usability?

Smartphones like iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile 7, they are simply useful for business users. I find them extremely useful. They are not just for the usual voice communication and text messaging, and the extra PIM (Personal Information Manager) like email, calendar, task list, and keeping notes. It can go more than that.

With an ever interconnected world, you now can tweet, catch up with facebook buddies, instant messaging, blogging and much more!

Some idea of the business user of mobile devices platform, "35% own BlackBerrys, 33% own iPhones, 25% own Androids and 7% own Windows Mobile devices."

Smartphone can be used for updating your blog and website for the up-to-the-minute online marketing and release of information. Hey, even the politicians are going into online PR to show their case and get closer with the people with timely information!

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