Some Industrial News

Minerals from ashes, a real green story

Coal-fired power plants are being given a new spin. Environmentalists dread
to think of the damage being done to the environment with this type of power
plant, especially the carbon emissions.But a UK-based company, RockTron Ltd,
says it has found a solution to the fly ash waste that is spewed by the
plants - convert it into a legitimate use and relieve the burden on the
planet. K2010 News - German industry on a high

With the German plastics and machinery association, otherwise known as VDMA,
reporting an improvement in orders, it seems that the German industry is
officially out of the doldrums, also confirmed by suppliers of machines and
technologies. This news bodes well for the K2010 exhibition, which will be
held in Düsseldorf from 27 October to 3 November. Phthalate-free plasticiser

Lanxess has introduced a new plasticiser for polar rubber products
crosslinked with sulphur. It is said to improve the low-temperature
flexibility of vulcanisates and replaces phthalate-containing Vulkanol 81 in
the Lanxess portfolio. Green nylon and ABS for electroplating

Another company that has improved its nylon grade is BASF. Its flame
retardant Ultramid FRee S3U40G5 Balance, which is based on castor
oil-derived sebacic acid, is available in light colours, which is becoming
important for specific electronic components.

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