Will Windows Phone 7 Be A Success?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 Search Implications of Windows Phone 7's Success or Failure Microsoft showed off its new Windows Phone 7 devices this week. There are a lot of questions about how Microsoft will perform in the smartphone space, though they're clearly up to the challenge. Microsoft's success in this space also has big implications for the company's performance in the search market, which means search marketers should keep an eye on this. Do you think Windows Phone 7 will be a hit with consumers? Share your thoughts. And my thoughts, nah...!

Microsoft may capture a certain amount of market share but with the growing popularity of iPhone and Android based mobile phone, Windows Phone 7 may not get much of a foothold especially if Microsoft botch up the interface and usability.

Just because Microsoft desktop O/S like XP, Vista, Windows 7 is easy to use do not translate to a mobile phone running Windows Phone 7 to be anything but rosy.

Windows is not the be all and end all of operating system platform and there some interesting challenger in the market. Competition is good as it keeps the company on its toes to provide the best offering to consumer.

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