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WINE Mono and WINE Gecko

While trying to install some Windows software using wine, I would see error messages relating to wine mono and wine gecko. Ultimately the installation would fail. In order to fix it, it seems we need to install these additional plugins. Researching online, wine mono is related to Microsoft .Net framework. It is an open source …

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Using Linux WINE to Run Windows Apps

Although I have been playing around with Linux for a long time, I have not really tried using WINE to run Windows programs. With the news abuzz about Windows 10 ver 22H2 end of service life by 14th October, 2025, my old 2nd and 3rd generation Intel PC would no longer be supported. I was …

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Start of a New Year, Retrospect and Challenges Ahead

It’s been awhile since I last blogged. ブログはお久しぶりです。(Burogu wa ohisashiburi desu). There are so many...

Beating the RAID Shadow Legend Faction Crypts

Finally I have managed to complete the RAID Shadow Legends Faction Crypt and got myself Lydia Deathsiren. It wasn’t easy to complete the last several factions. It took some understanding to build a faction team for each Shadow Legend faction. And of course a bit of luck to summon some good champions to take on each level. div.separator a:hover {background:white;} Good champions did not

Acasis Dual Bay 2.5” SSD HDD RAID Enclosure Review

While browsing around the Lazada online shopping app, I came across this Acasis Dual Bay 2.5” SSD HDD RAID Enclosure. I thought this would be useful since I got a bunch of spare hard disks lying around salvaged from various old laptops. After studying the product information and reading through some buyer’s comments, I’ve decided to give this hard disk case a go! div.separator a:hover {

How to Fix Merged Folders in Windows 10 and Windows 11

While customizing the location of my Windows Documents, Pictures, Download, Music folders, I accidentally merged my document and picture folder. Sometimes while doing all sorts of routine mundane tasks such as this, one may just mindlessly click ok without much thought to the warning. It is just one of those oops days, “I made a …

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Instagram Connection Discontinued

I guess all good things come to an end. Auto posting from one app to another is really useful....

Requirements to Upgrade Old PC to Run Windows 10

Your old PC is lagging so much trying to run Windows 10? Depending on your computer specification, you may yet be able to revive it enough to keep it going. So far I have successfully upgraded a few old desktop computers. There was no need to throw it away and buy a new PC. Everything is running smoothly, and I could stream online movies and play some games on it too! div.separator a:hover {

Summoning Legendaries Paramount Strategies Scheme RAID Shadow Legend

It’s tough to get legendaries in RAID Shadow Legends, let alone trying to get that most coveted powerful Champion. I came up with some paramount strategies scheme to give a chance against the low probability and hopefully the law of averages would chance upon you. However it is still as tough as ever. There are times when the odds are just against you! All I could get were the Rares, and not

RAID Shadow Legends Gacha Grinding

Why am I still grinding through this RAID Shadow Legends game! Ouch! Since my last blog, I managed to gacha some Legendaries. Even got a double legendary from the double legendary summon event! That was a first for me. Unfortunately, they gave one good and one bad legendary. Sigh. The initial excitement of seeing the golden swirl during the summoning process became somewhat of a letdown. I try

Argon One M.2 for Raspberry Pi 4

Finally, I have decided to get my hands on one of the most popular cases, the Argon One for Raspberry Pi 4; it also has one of the highest price tags in comparison with other casing in the market. What tipped me over to get it was the new base case that could house a …

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Installing Chrome OS Flex into Acer Switch 10

My old Acer Aspire Switch 10 from circa year 2014 has become running like a bullock cart. It took ages to boot or shutdown Windows 8. And running any app was a total waste of time. However I do have a MX Linux as my second dual boot OS and this Linux runs decently well. …

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RAID Shadow Legend Chaos Theory Guide to Summoning Legendaries

The difficulty of claiming a legendary champion with the super low probablity of 0.5% seems really difficult. With enough Mystery, Ancient, Void and Sarcred shards, you could try to overcome it with some law of attraction strategies. The asian method is the paramount tactics of trying to overcome this adverse law of probability. It isn't foolproof, but anything is better than pulling hairs!

My RAID Shadow Legend Video Recap

RAID Shadow Legend is celebrating their 4th anniversary and they made a video recap of my game progress so far. It has been a long grind and I think my overall stats are not too bad. It has not been easy to push the champion stats to a higher level and whack those dungeon bosses and arena PVP. I started playing it way back around Dec 2019 and stopped for a year in 2020, and restarted it again

The Long Grind of Playing RAID Shadow Legends

It has been a long slow grind playing this RAID Shadow Legends mobile game. I started out in October 2019. Played for a year, and then stopped for almost a year. Then restarted again in September 2021 and had been grinding through it. It has been long and hard with a lot of daily grinding to get to my current high level. The gacha system of getting good champions is rather frustrating. Most of