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My RAID Shadow Legend Video Recap

RAID Shadow Legend is celebrating their 4th anniversary and they made a video recap of my game progress so far. It has been a long grind and I think my overall stats are not too bad. It has not been easy to push the champion stats to a higher level and whack those dungeon bosses and arena PVP. I started playing it way back around Dec 2019 and stopped for a year in 2020, and restarted it again

The Long Grind of Playing RAID Shadow Legends

It has been a long slow grind playing this RAID Shadow Legends mobile game. I started out in October 2019. Played for a year, and then stopped for almost a year. Then restarted again in September 2021 and had been grinding through it. It has been long and hard with a lot of daily grinding to get to my current high level. The gacha system of getting good champions is rather frustrating. Most of

I got Covid-19, oh, no!

I guess it is a matter of time before we all get infected. Despite all the precautions of sanitizing the stuff we bring outside and wearing face masks when going out. The government has a fine balance between keeping the infection rate low while keeping the businesses open to keep the economy going. This time round, my entire household was infected, starting with my wife, then spread to me and

#McCallum #coffeelatte #penangcafe having a nice cuppa after...

#McCallum #coffeelatte #penangcafe having a nice cuppa after having some Penang street food. (at Macallum Connoisseurs)

#custard #ipohfood it’s great to eat this custard in Ipoh....

#custard #ipohfood it’s great to eat this custard in Ipoh. Soft and sweet! (at Ipoh Garden South)

#JapaneseCurryRice simple meal using prepack curry. Just get...

#JapaneseCurryRice simple meal using prepack curry. Just get some leftover rice and meat, heat it up and you are good to go! 😋👌🍛

How to fix XScreenSaver daemon doesn't seem to be running on display ":0" error

XScreenSaver is still one of the best screensaver for Linux. Despite that no one seemed to be maintaining and updating the code, it still runs pretty well. There is enough variety and choice to fill your computer monitor to keep you amuse when the Linux OS is on idle. And, hey, you could even use the slideshow function to use it as a kind of picture frame display! div.separator a:hover {

Installing LXLE Lightweight Linux

I am always on the lookout for lightweight Linux OS distro to install into my ye olde ancient computers. I’m not quite ready to dispose of these old PCs of mine and would like to see if I could squeeze out some useful life from them. My old Intel D915GEV with the stuck heatsink and CPU was a good candidate to try this LXLE Linux. According to their website, this distro has light resource usage,

Computer Heatsink stuck to CPU

While trying to fiddle with my old Intel D915GEV motherboard, I encountered a problem. It won’t boot! No boot up post screen. This PC is really old; I got it around 2005. With a Pentium 4 CPU, it is still an interesting piece of old hardware. However the CPU did run very hot. The fan & heatsink that came with it wasn’t really fitting, and I had changed it to a proper version. However the

How to Build A Strong Overall Champion in RAID Shadow Legends

I have been whacking RAID Shadow Legends for quite some time now and sort of have an understanding on how to build a strong champion. It feels great to be able to whack some bosses, get to an advanced faction wars stages and win some arena PVPs. Although my builds are not perfect, it did get me by. Building a good champion is not easy. The number one most needed resource are Silver coins! I

What To Do With Old Computers and Laptops

So you got your hands on some old computers and laptops. Depending how old it is, you could either consign it to the recyclers, especially if it is way too old, or try to revive it for some other purpose. Previously I usually got rid of them when I obtained a new PC. However these old computers and laptops could still run and they may yet be of good use. And that’s what I did. When my office

Which Rare Champions to keep in RAID Shadow Legends?

As the game progresses, you will start to amass quite a fair number of RAID Shadow Legends. Soon you will find yourself running out of slots to keep your champions. To free up the slots you will need to weed out which champions are worth keeping, and which to use as fodder to level up more useful champions. This question came to my mind and I am sure to many players as well. Judging from the

#YamahaSonogenic #keyboardist Alright! No more hiding behind...

#YamahaSonogenic #keyboardist Alright! No more hiding behind some piano. Coming to the forefront. Hope it will work as I imagine it 😁🎹

RAID Shadow Legend Spider’s Den Stage 20 Cleared Finally! ★

Amongst the Dungeons in RAID Shadow Legends, the Spider’s Den is one of the most difficult dungeons to get through. And today I finally cleared stage 20! Perhaps it is nothing to shout about, considering there are so many strong and powerful players out there.I considered it a personal milestone to clear it. div.separator a:hover {background:white;} Playing RAID Shadow Legend

My RAID Shadow Legends Video Recap

It's been quite a long slog playing RAID Shadow Legends. With the anniversary, Plarium made a video recapping my ardous adventure playing their game. I was rather surprised that I am amongst the nearly at the 80% top players.The game is not easy, not easy at all. As a free-to-play player, I really had grind everyday to get coins to level up my champions. The most difficult aspect was to push the