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LibreElec GRUB2 menu entry for booting

I first learned about LibreElec when I got my Raspberry Pi 4. Having played around with it to watch some movies and connect to Netflix, YouTube and Spotify in the little RPi SBC, I was thinking of installing it on my spare old PC. LibreElec has a simple Linux shell making it very lightweight. It just concentrates on being a media player by running Kodi fully. Heading over to the LibreElec

GRUB2 Menu Entry Manually Set Up For Non-Detected Linux & Other OS

My earlier post about super multi-boot using Linux GRUB2 as my main boot loader and menu selection had been fun to do! There were also some tricky issues such as some OS need to be installed first before Linux and other OS could be installed. Now we come to the issue of those Linux OS that could not automatically be detected by way of issuing terminal command ‘update-grub’ and had to be

FossaPup Puppy Linux GRUB2 menu entry

Puppy Linux is one of the most handy of the super light linux and considered my goto distro whenever I need to make changes, edit files, and copying files or moving files between distros and between partitions. It dispenses with the need to key in sudo privileges because it is already considered as root and has no issue whatsoever when I need to access another Linux partition. I was using the

#YeeSang #CNY2021 otherwise known as #ProsperityToss is a...

#YeeSang #CNY2021 otherwise known as #ProsperityToss is a Malaysian/Singaporean dish invention to usher in the new year. It’s a jovial dish with everyone holding a chopstick tossing the food up high and saying words for a better year, wealth, health and happiness! 🤗
Also make a big mess on the table, an indication of the happy fun mood of Chinese New Year 🥳 celebration! #GongXiFaChai!

#Arduino #ArduinoBasics #LEDChaser Lights Project I’m...

#Arduino #ArduinoBasics #LEDChaser Lights Project
I’m still plodding along my Arduino learning tutorial. Taking a break from fiddling with Linux on my old PCs; this CNY, I’ve decided to try out the LED Chaser Lights ala Knight Rider. I didn’t have enough red LEDs so I mixed it with the green and yellow LEDs that came with my starter kit. Copied the code and uploaded it and voila, there it goes! I was bit tired to study the code; perhaps later. This time I have to use up quite a fair number of jumper wires and 1k resistors. Next lesson was to add on the potentimeter to change the speed of the LED chaser lights. (at Malaysia)

How to Install Linux for Acer Aspire Switch 10 with EFI32bit boot

My old Acer Aspire Switch 10 had been running slow for many years ever since my bad attempt at upgrading it to Windows 10 and reverting it back to Windows 8.1. The lag was rather trying and I had to be rather patient whenever I used it. I failed to install Linux for the past …

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How Much Hard Disk Space to Allocate for each Linux and Windows Multiboot OS

During my preparation for a super multiboot computer, I needed to know how much hard disk space to allocate for the various Linux, DOS/Windows and alternate operating systems. These were usually easy to check by visiting each of the distros websites. Anyway, I took some gparted partition manager screenshot of my hard disk, hopefully this would give a fair idea of how much space each distro used

How To Build a Super Multi-Boot Linux OS

Having cleaned up several of my old PCs, I’ve decided to embark on my next project. To make a super multi-boot OS system with Linux, DOS, Windows XP and alternate operating systems. Dual-booting is fairly easy, but multi-booting with 10 OSes, now that would be a feat! In order to cram in so many OS, some prior preparation would be needed. Since these are old PCs with Pentium 4, Dual-Core and

Cleaning Up Dusty Computers

I have a bunch of old computers which I would like to repurpose for experiments and other tasks. These old PCs were given to me by family members and some were salvage from the office. These were more than 10 years old and they were no longer capable of running the latest Windows 10. However they were still capable of running light weight operating system like Linux. However before I could

#HardDiskDrive #ClickOfDeath It’s the end of the road for...

#HardDiskDrive #ClickOfDeath
It’s the end of the road for this good old IDE PATA 20GB hard disk drive. The capacity didn’t seem like much these days, but 20 years ago, that was a lot! I was using it for my old PC to test out various simple #linux installs and #RAIDdrive. Then it gave out this loud click-clack sound, which I believe it’s the drive head whacking against the side. And that’s the end of the road for this old hard drive. Not too bad to have lasted this long!

#smallscience #roboticproject bought this simple and cheap...

#smallscience #roboticproject
bought this simple and cheap robot online. Had to hack it a bit to get it to fit and work. My son enjoyed watching me build it. I thought he could fix it but it turn out to be a bit more complicated. Finally it’s completed and it makes quite a racket skinning around! 🤗😁

#ChimiChurri #saladbowl #JayaOne Enjoying a healthy lunch. Soon...

#ChimiChurri #saladbowl #JayaOne
Enjoying a healthy lunch. Soon I may not be able to have an affordable healthy salad meal as their tenancy with Jaya One the School will end after Dec 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic had not been easy for them as the meal crowd had diminished a lot. They are planning for a come back with a new business plan next year. Hope to visit their new shop when they reopen elsewhere. All the best and stay safe! (at ChimiChurri)

Having fun with my #RaspberryPi collections. I have #RPi4,...

Having fun with my #RaspberryPi collections. I have #RPi4, #RPi400, #RPi0, #RPi0W & #RPi0WH. Affordable #SBC for home electronics hobby projects.

Where am I? #YTLland #spiralstairscase with my little...

Where am I? #YTLland #spiralstairscase with my little #bookwormadventures and healthy #kagome野菜生活 drink and #mccafe #tehtarik. Finding my way around with a #compass is not so useful here. 🤔😁🤗 With MCO, doing some virtual visit. (at YTL)

SSH from PC to Raspberry Pi0 Project

I came across this project to SSH from the computer to the Raspberry Pi Zero using the USB RNDIS ethernet gadget with a self made USB addon board. From the various videos, it looked easy and I decided to give it a go. However I’m still not able to do any wire soldering just yet, …

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