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What To Do With Old Computers and Laptops

So you got your hands on some old computers and laptops. Depending how old it is, you could either consign it to the recyclers, especially if it is way too old, or try to revive it for some other purpose. Previously I usually got rid of them when I obtained a new PC. However these old computers and laptops could still run and they may yet be of good use. And that’s what I did. When my office

Which Rare Champions to keep in RAID Shadow Legends?

As the game progresses, you will start to amass quite a fair number of RAID Shadow Legends. Soon you will find yourself running out of slots to keep your champions. To free up the slots you will need to weed out which champions are worth keeping, and which to use as fodder to level up more useful champions. This question came to my mind and I am sure to many players as well. Judging from the

#YamahaSonogenic #keyboardist Alright! No more hiding behind...

#YamahaSonogenic #keyboardist Alright! No more hiding behind some piano. Coming to the forefront. Hope it will work as I imagine it 😁🎹

RAID Shadow Legend Spider’s Den Stage 20 Cleared Finally! ★

Amongst the Dungeons in RAID Shadow Legends, the Spider’s Den is one of the most difficult dungeons to get through. And today I finally cleared stage 20! Perhaps it is nothing to shout about, considering there are so many strong and powerful players out there.I considered it a personal milestone to clear it.Playing RAID Shadow Legend is no easy task. It is an extremely laborious process of

My RAID Shadow Legends Video Recap

It's been quite a long slog playing RAID Shadow Legends. With the anniversary, Plarium made a video recapping my ardous adventure playing their game. I was rather surprised that I am amongst the nearly at the 80% top players.The game is not easy, not easy at all. As a free-to-play player, I really had grind everyday to get coins to level up my champions. The most difficult aspect was to push the

RAID Shadow Legend Mastery: Warmaster vs Giant Slayer

I have been trying to figure out which RAID Shadow Legends final mastery was better, between the Warmaster vs Giant Slayer and to a lesser extent, Flawless Execution. Trying to get the best bang out of the damage inflicted against the opponent from this final mastery requires a bit of calculation. Most players and guides would go for Warmaster, though sometimes they would go for Giant Slayer as

RAID Shadow Legend, my resurgence gameplay

In my last blog way back in October 2020 when I bid adieu to RAID Shadow Legend, well, I made a comeback around September 2021 this year! With the Covid-19 pandemic still raging. I have some spare time while working from home. Apart from tinkering with reviving old PCs and Raspberry Pi, Arduino and learning Japanese with the Duolingo app, I decided to give this game another go. Wait, what? Yes

System Rescue ISO GRUB2 menuentry

And my final addition to the GRUB2 menuentry is the System Rescue CD ISO. Normally this is best installed in a USB stick or in a CD-ROM for use in an emergency. For the fun of it, I decided to try running a live version off from a PC. Digging around the forum sites, I managed to find a menuentry example. However it didn’t quite work out and it took me a while to sort out the entry. To get it

Tiny Core Plus Linux GRUB2 menuentry

For a super-duper lightweight Linux distro, I think this one takes the cake! Tiny Core Linux has 3 different cores to choose from: Core (16MB), Tiny Core (21MB), Core Plus (163MB). After testing them out, I decided to go for the 163MB installation image. Core and Tiny Core are too basic for my taste. With Core booting into command line mode, while Tiny Core didn’t have much stuff to play around

SLAX GRUB2 menuentry

SLAX is a super small lightweight Linux distro. It used to be based on Slackware, hence the name SLAX. However, nowadays, it is based on Debian. It has a very nice GUI and some basic software. Since it is based on Debian, you can easily install more software to make it useful. Well, that sounded nice, unfortunately, try as I might I couldn’t get persistence installation. Despite adding the “

8×8 Dot Matrix Pin Header Configuration 1088BS

I have been going through the Beginning Arduino text book to learn a bit about this popular microcontroller. I have these various components from the starter kit that I purchased last year during the pandemic lockdown and taking my time to learn about it. During this long weekend holiday, I decided to give the dot …

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SliTaz Rolling Core GRUB2 menu entry

SliTaz Linux is really small! As a super lightweight Linux distro, the compressed ISO form takes up about 50MB. It was mentioned in the SliTaz website that the decompressed root file system will take up 100MB. A quick check with my install, the storage used up so far was about 60MB. There are a number of SliTaz ISO image flavours to choose. However for my case, I had success with the rolling

Porteus GRUB2 menu entry

Porteus is a super lightweight Linux operating system taking up about 300MB of storage space. It uses a squashed format for storing its core files, and will decompress when you boot. It also uses a modular approach whereby you install pre-compiled packages as opposed to the standard Linux using package manager. Because it is also portable, it is easy to install into any existing Linux

#ArduinoProject #UltrasoundDistanceSensors with...

#ArduinoProject #UltrasoundDistanceSensors with #LCDdisplay16x2
I’ve been planning to try this out for quite sometime. First time I could’t do it as the LCD display pin headers needed to be soldered and I didn’t know how to do it. So no choice but to buy myself another one with pre-soldered header from #Cytron.
After assembling, the display spewed out some alien language readout! 👽 Took me several hours to troubleshoot it before getting it right! Turned out to be some mis-wiring. But all is good as I get to learn how the code worked and made some modification to it too. My next idea is to add on a beeper for objects that gets too near. 😁 Beep! (at Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)

#RainingDay it’s nice to have 🌧️☔ rain! Cools down the...

#RainingDay it’s nice to have 🌧️☔ rain! Cools down the current heatwave. Nice to go for a snooze 😴. Unfortunately it’s a WFH working day. So no lazing about! 🧑‍🏫🧑‍💻😁 (at Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)