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#smallscience #roboticproject bought this simple and cheap...

#smallscience #roboticproject
bought this simple and cheap robot online. Had to hack it a bit to get it to fit and work. My son enjoyed watching me build it. I thought he could fix it but it turn out to be a bit more complicated. Finally it’s completed and it makes quite a racket skinning around! 🤗😁

#ChimiChurri #saladbowl #JayaOne Enjoying a healthy lunch. Soon...

#ChimiChurri #saladbowl #JayaOne
Enjoying a healthy lunch. Soon I may not be able to have an affordable healthy salad meal as their tenancy with Jaya One the School will end after Dec 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic had not been easy for them as the meal crowd had diminished a lot. They are planning for a come back with a new business plan next year. Hope to visit their new shop when they reopen elsewhere. All the best and stay safe! (at ChimiChurri)

Having fun with my #RaspberryPi collections. I have #RPi4,...

Having fun with my #RaspberryPi collections. I have #RPi4, #RPi400, #RPi0, #RPi0W & #RPi0WH. Affordable #SBC for home electronics hobby projects.

Where am I? #YTLland #spiralstairscase with my little...

Where am I? #YTLland #spiralstairscase with my little #bookwormadventures and healthy #kagome野菜生活 drink and #mccafe #tehtarik. Finding my way around with a #compass is not so useful here. 🤔😁🤗 With MCO, doing some virtual visit. (at YTL)

SSH from PC to Raspberry Pi0 Project

I came across this project to SSH from the computer to the Raspberry Pi Zero using the USB RNDIS ethernet gadget with a self made USB addon board. From the various videos, it looked easy and I decided to give it a go. However I’m still not able to do any wire soldering just yet, …

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How to Prevent Extra Draft Copies in eMClient in Gmail

eM Client is good alternative to the bloated Microsoft Office Outlook. I found it to be very stable and faster and worked seamlessly with Google G Suite Gmail. Plus it has a similar look and feel of Office Outlook making it easier for my colleague to migrate to eMClient. Thus I introduce it to my colleagues and asked them to move over to this email client instead. This helped to reduce my

#Microsoft #DOS622 anyone? Haha! Installed it on my old Pentium...

#Microsoft #DOS622 anyone?
Haha! Installed it on my old Pentium 4 PC. I am going to install good old #Windows311. Due to Microsoft conspiracy to bulldoze their rival PC-DOS by putting secret codes to fail the running of Windows 3.11. I could not get FreeDOS to work with W311 too. So no choice. Scrounge up some DOS and fire it up. This should work.

My Raspberry Pi 400 Overview

Raspberry Pi 400 was recently launched and I couldn’t overcome my enthusiasm and decided to jump right in and got myself one! It has a more powerful processor (BCM2711CO) clocking in at 1.8GHz and purpose built keyboard enclosing the Raspberry Pi board and some nifty built-in heatsink. So after getting, I gave it a spin! …

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How to USB Boot in Raspberry Pi4

One of the features of Raspberry Pi4 is the ability to have USB boot. One of the good reasons why you might want to boot up via USB is the faster read writes by using SSD external drives and alternate options to boot up your OS. This option was not available until the recent firmware …

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Raspberry Pi Getting Started

Raspberry Pi is a nifty little single board computer (SBC) introduced many years back. I started to have an interest in this palm sized computer last year while looking for some PC tinkering projects. It was the time when Raspberry Pi4 model B was launched with much advancement over its predecessor models that I decided …

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Raid Shadow Legends Final Farewell and Review

I have decided to make a full stop playing Raid Shadow Legends. I have played this for one year from October 2019 till October 2020. I believe I have more or less understood the game mechanics. This was as far as I could go before hitting the wall.Having played several mobile games, the endless upgrading sure did take its toll. And Raid Shadow Legend was really the worst of the lot that I have

Fixing Pokemon installation and Failed to Detect Location problems

So the Pokemon go crazed is sweeping over the world! And here is no different when the app was launched recently. However trying to get it to work was another matter. This new type of augmented reality games required quite an advance mobile phone in order to work. Although it the Pokemon website it said it need minimum Android version 4.4, the Google Play store didn't allowed me to install into

My #RaspberryPi0 rad mod (I wish!) Haha! I’m kinda fibbing...

My #RaspberryPi0 rad mod (I wish!)
Haha! I’m kinda fibbing here. My two stacked #RPi0 were not connected. Perhaps my early imagining of for a home project to make a Raspberry Pi #ClusterComputing! RPi zero is not really speedy compared to my RPi4 with its slower CPU and smaller RAM. But its teeny-weeny footprint makes it possible to make your own small projects that has confined space requirements.
As for me, I got it because it’s small! Stlll haven’t figure out what project to do with it. Maybe if I get a battery HAT and a small 3.5" screen, I could make t portable. For now, I’m fiddling with the USB HUB HAT, and an old naked 2GB flash drive whose case has dissintegrated, making it rather matching with the rest of the RPi get up!

My good old #AZTech #56kModem While doing some spring cleaning,...

My good old #AZTech #56kModem
While doing some spring cleaning, I came across my stash of old 56k dial up modems & a couple of ADSL modems. These are no longer used, and I have decided not to keep them to clear out some space.
Maybe I should just keep one just to show my son what kind of equipment we used for our internet connectivity in those days!

Remember these?#IomegaZipDrive While doing a bit of spring...

Remember these?#IomegaZipDrive
While doing a bit of spring cleaning, I came across my stash of old equipment. Plug them in, and voila! They still worked!
The whirring sound of the spinning drive and moving drive head seeking the magnetic track to read and write the data brought back some sentimental memories and harken back to the good old days of limited storage capacities. It was still a big step forward with their 100MB disks against the measly 1.4MB floppy disks. But technology moved on and these fell out in favour of cheaper and more robust storage solutions like the CD-RW & USB flash drive. In the end my office stop using these and I’ve desided to salvaged them for keepsakes.
Luckily for me, my #ZipDrives didn’t suffer the #ClickOfDeath from the poor quality production control of #IOmega.
With the advancement of technology, IOmega has seen been bought over by Lenovo and now doing other storage solution system.