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Fixing Pokemon installation and Failed to Detect Location problems

So the Pokemon go crazed is sweeping over the world! And here is no different when the app was launched recently. However trying to get it to work was another matter. This new type of augmented reality games required quite an advance mobile phone in order to work. Although it the Pokemon website it said it need minimum Android version 4.4, the Google Play store didn't allowed me to install into

My #RaspberryPi0 rad mod (I wish!) Haha! I’m kinda fibbing...

My #RaspberryPi0 rad mod (I wish!)
Haha! I’m kinda fibbing here. My two stacked #RPi0 were not connected. Perhaps my early imagining of for a home project to make a Raspberry Pi #ClusterComputing! RPi zero is not really speedy compared to my RPi4 with its slower CPU and smaller RAM. But its teeny-weeny footprint makes it possible to make your own small projects that has confined space requirements.
As for me, I got it because it’s small! Stlll haven’t figure out what project to do with it. Maybe if I get a battery HAT and a small 3.5" screen, I could make t portable. For now, I’m fiddling with the USB HUB HAT, and an old naked 2GB flash drive whose case has dissintegrated, making it rather matching with the rest of the RPi get up!

My good old #AZTech #56kModem While doing some spring cleaning,...

My good old #AZTech #56kModem
While doing some spring cleaning, I came across my stash of old 56k dial up modems & a couple of ADSL modems. These are no longer used, and I have decided not to keep them to clear out some space.
Maybe I should just keep one just to show my son what kind of equipment we used for our internet connectivity in those days!

Remember these?#IomegaZipDrive While doing a bit of spring...

Remember these?#IomegaZipDrive
While doing a bit of spring cleaning, I came across my stash of old equipment. Plug them in, and voila! They still worked!
The whirring sound of the spinning drive and moving drive head seeking the magnetic track to read and write the data brought back some sentimental memories and harken back to the good old days of limited storage capacities. It was still a big step forward with their 100MB disks against the measly 1.4MB floppy disks. But technology moved on and these fell out in favour of cheaper and more robust storage solutions like the CD-RW & USB flash drive. In the end my office stop using these and I’ve desided to salvaged them for keepsakes.
Luckily for me, my #ZipDrives didn’t suffer the #ClickOfDeath from the poor quality production control of #IOmega.
With the advancement of technology, IOmega has seen been bought over by Lenovo and now doing other storage solution system.

Truly #MobileWorking with #BluetoothKeyboard, #mobilephone and...

Truly #MobileWorking with #BluetoothKeyboard, #mobilephone and #WorkingAtStarbucks
While waiting for my #Bezza car to be serviced at the #Perodua service centre. I walked over to Starbucks for brunch and set up my gadgets contraption. Left my laptop at home as I felt it was too much dead weight to carry around. Especially I have to walk a distance away from some #MakanPlace.
Using a mobile to work was not as easy with the small screen. The bluetooth keyboard helped with the speedier typing. Keeping it light means I could walkabout easier without having to carry a dead weight laptop around.
Cheers! (at Starbucks Malaysia)

More bunch of stuffs for my #PC #RaspberryPi #Arduino...

More bunch of stuffs for my #PC #RaspberryPi #Arduino #Projects
It was inexpensive and I thought it was a bargain from a #Lazada seller.My only concern was whether the mini HDMI2AV convertor, WiFi dongle & BlueTooth receiver would work at all at such low price! Only way to find out is to give it all a go. Some items didn’t work from my previous buys. So hopefully this bunch won’t dissapoint too much. Wish me luck!

My 1st #ArduinoProject - to get it to blink the LED! It’s...

My 1st #ArduinoProject - to get it to blink the LED! It’s going to take me awhile to figure this out. Not sure what I will do with it, but my curiosity got the hold of me to find out what’s all this microcontroller programming is all about.
I started with my #RaspberryPi and from there learned about #Arduino & #Microbit. Microbit is a simpler form of microntroller while Arduino is more advance.
Having collected the various bits and pieces of necessary hardware, I’m now going through the “Beginning Arduino” book and hopefully learn something out of it!

Alcatroz Xplorer Go! 100BT and Rapoo 8000s keyboard review

Recently I got myself two keyboards, the Alcatroz Xplorer GO! 100BT (Bluetooth) and the Rapoo 8000s dual keyboard mouse combo nano wireless. With this review hopefully would help anyone out there who may be planning between a bluetooth type devices and wireless type devices.While waiting out during this Covid-19 virus lockdown and working from home, I went ahead and purchase th Alcatroz Xplorer

#BBCMicroBit #DFRobot #Maqueen This MCO #covid19lockdown...

#BBCMicroBit #DFRobot #Maqueen
This MCO #covid19lockdown provided me with some extra time and some spare money to indulge in my little hobbies and curiosity. Despite the day hours of #WFH still took the better part of the day, I felt the time saved from the daily commute gave me some extra time and freedom to start some interesting home projects. I had been curious about this BBC Micro:bit for awhile. Decided to give this item for a go.
In UK, you can actually get this for free if you are in elementary school. I’m neither that young nor do I reside there. So I have to pay for it!
I showed it to my son, he wasn’t so into it. Although he wanted to program some games, he didn’t have the perseverance to learn programming logic. Hopefull he will pick it up later.
I didn’t have the time to go through Python code, I just downloaded the standard code and flashed the microbit to give it spin just to see how it went and to check the kit was working or not. So far so good.
Now I’m considering to get Aduino Uno R3 kit and see if I can pair it up with Raspberry Pi and Microbit. Getting a little ambitious on my little hobby!

Mini desktop with #RaspberryPi4 I’ve been tinkering with...

Mini desktop with #RaspberryPi4

I’ve been tinkering with many home project during this #Covid19Lockdown. With some spare time, I decided to order this 7"LCD screen via #Lazada. It’s fortunate that the lockdown didn’t slowdown deliveries too much and I could get ahead with some of my mini projects.

One of my ideas is to make a #minidesktop. But I didn’t want to spend too much either so I opt for a 7" LCD with 800x480, the touchscreen was a nice touch. Plugged in all the cables and viola it worked!
This LCD also worked when I plugged it into my laptop. Touchscreen and displayed worked just as well with Windows 10. Everything worked out of the box without having to install any drivers!
Now I’m going to order the case for this display to give a nicer appearance!

My RAID Shadow Legend game play so far

I've started playing Plarium RAID Shadow Legend since October 2019 having decided to slowdown playing on Pixonic War Robots. I wanted something different from the usual 1st person shooter game. I had played many versions of RPG from the very first Apple Phantasie with its very basic graphics, the popular Ultima, then to the much better graphics and music of and scary atmosphere of Diablo, and

War Robots game play getting harder

I've slowed down playing Pixonics War Robots mobile game around October 2019. I started another mobile game from Plarium RAID Shadow Legends to give myself some game difference. I didn't give up War Robots altogether having amassed a tidy little Robots and Weapons. Just milking along on the daily advertisement viewing reward collection. And should I gather enough Silver Ag, I would upgrade an

#covid19stayathome #workfromhome Work correspondence is rather...

#covid19stayathome #workfromhome
Work correspondence is rather quiet. May as well multi-task between emails, catching up with news while having a bit of music in the background and leveling up.
Still there are important tasks to do internally. Will have to clean up some administrative work while checking some online shopping for topping up essential stuffs.
This travel restriction order reminds me of zombie apocalypse, and could very be minus the walking dead tearing up at you!
Times like this, doomsday preppers weren’t too far paranoid about stocking up supplies!

Idle hands amidst #covid19stayathome decided to try my hand at...

Idle hands amidst #covid19stayathome decided to try my hand at this craft of making medieval #miniweaponsofmassdestruction
I didn’t have the exact stuffs but it’s simple to replace and modify their plans.
Here I made the siege catapult and could obliterate the toy soldiers advancing to my defence position. LOL!

#wafflemania at this waffle shop! Long queue too! (at Fluffed...

#wafflemania at this waffle shop! Long queue too! (at Fluffed Café & Dessert Bar)