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WINE Mono and WINE Gecko

While trying to install some Windows software using wine, I would see error messages relating to wine mono and wine gecko. Ultimately the installation would fail. In order to fix it, it seems we need to install these additional plugins.

How to Fix Merged Folders in Windows 10 and Windows 11

While customizing the location of my Windows Documents, Pictures, Download, Music folders, I accidentally merged my document and picture folder. Sometimes while doing all sorts of routine mundane tasks such as this, one may just mindlessly click ok without much thought to the warning. It is just one of those oops days, “I made a …

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My Raspberry Pi 400 Overview

Raspberry Pi 400 was recently launched and I couldn’t overcome my enthusiasm and decided to jump right in and got myself one! It has a more powerful processor (BCM2711CO) clocking in at 1.8GHz and purpose built keyboard enclosing the Raspberry Pi board and some nifty built-in heatsink. So after getting, I gave it a spin!