Baby 1 Year Old – Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Baby Aiden has reached the first milestone on his first birthday! It was a joyous occasion as Lena went about to celebrate in a big way! Yes, it seems like so fast a year has passed. It was a very busy year and we could see the progress and changes month by month as baby moves on to face new challenges.

Happy Birthday Aiden!

There is still more to come of course. Each baby has their own pace of development and ours is no different. One thing for sure, he really likes to laugh and when he is happy, get ready for a real shriek of a time. And if you happen to stand too near, well, even the hard of hearing would have no problem hearing!

And the next step would be to see him walk. I could see that he is now attempting to let go his hands whenever he stands. Still very furtively. Of course once he can walk, we will have a tough time keeping him away from pulling at things. He has such inquisitive mind and would like to study just about anything. Unfortunately some things are not meant to be studied as it is dangerous to poke his little fingers in areas where he is not supposed to be.

Kitchen Art Brasserie RestaurantAnd this age, the baby development is at its fastest, and Lena decided to do the Glenn Doman baby intelligence development method. Although we would not be able to see any discernible progress as the process is slow, it is hope to give him an advantage in terms of language learning ability. Language learning is very important as it would give the child the comprehension ability to master other topics later by first mastering the communication of language. Unlike the current Malaysian education system which seem to progressing backwards laced with political inclination and all, we will need to plan his education carefully.

Anyway one step at a time! For now, let’s enjoy his 1st birthday bash with a nice buffet dinner at Kitchen Art Brasserie Restaurant in Empire Hotel located in Empire Shopping Gallery Subang. It was great gathering of friends from Church, to old school mates and colleagues and of course close family members too!

Kitchen Art Brasserie with Live Piano MusicEat all you can plus the nice ambience and live piano music lend a very good atmosphere to the birthday celebration. And of course the main star of the event, was a little too overwhelming with so many new faces! I’m sure he still enjoyed absorbing new sights and sounds while sticking close to familiar people!

Happy Birthday Aiden!

Wishing you more birthdays to come and other milestones!

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