Bad day

I want to vent my frustration because everything is not going well today. Sure there may be good days and bad days, but today it was especially no good. First there was a speed trap on a stretch of road that never in my frequent usage encounter such a thing. Then there was some miscommunication about the location of the meeting to take place with the customer, the supplier wanted to have meeting in the factory but usually the customer boss is in the city and the distance is very far. But the boss said it is no problem to see them at the factory even though it would be inconvenient. The customer usually plays hardball with me and don’t give out information freely. But now with the supplier around and my big boss around, the information is now freely given. This would have been great unfortunately I informed that the customer usually don’t give out information. So now I lose face in front of my boss. In addition, pricing information about competitor is also not given out, but today it flows freely. In the end what am I to say? Damn if I do, Damn if I don’t. Needless to say the pricing quotation was out of the market price. I will be very fortunate to even get a few orders out from this account. Difficult to build up your reputation and it can be destroyed in an instant. Trying to be as frank and straight as possible, but ended up being chowder and meatballs.

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