Careful about Email Spoofing

Received this message that supposedly came from Facebook. But turn out the URLs do not point to Facebook at all. If the link were to be clicked it would redirect you to a Pharmacy website selling fake medicine. This is considered spam. Fortunately it wasn’t a phising website. Losing your account would be tantamount to identity theft not to mention a loss of all your contacts that you have build up over time.

Fake Facebook email

One thing about using desktop email program like Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail or Windows Mail is that they don’t warn you whether the email you receive is legit or not.

Checking with my Gmail account (now the new Microsoft Hotmail Live Outlook warns you!), I found the warning saying the email message is not what it claims to be. Good algorithm from Google. Because of my filters the message got pass the spam checking and ended up in my inbox. Anyway, whenever receiving odd sounding messages one should be careful even if it came from your friend or application that you have signed up. One should think carefully before clicking on any of the links.

And should the link take you to site, also do have common sense and check the URL at the address bar and see if the website URL is correct and not fake website phising for your account information. It is so easy for spammers and scammers to spoof email address headers and website so don’t just blindly click any link or fill in any of your ID and password without checking. Otherwise the next thing you know you can’t log in to your webmail account, social websites account, or heaven forbid a wipeout of your bank account!

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