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We need car to travel around, especially when there is no good public transport system. Maintenance can be costly, but unfortunately we really need it.

GoldPlus’ Tata Nano Gold Jewellery Car

Here’s one mean street machine if it ever gets on the road. The GoldPlus Tata Nano model decorated with 80 kgs of 22 Karat gold, 15 kgs of silver, gem stones. It took 30 artisans and 14 kinds of jewellery technique to make this dream car come true!

A Toyota Wish comes true

A Toyota Wish comes true! Well, not exactly but close enough. My wife, Lena has been thinking of buying a bigger car to ferry the whole family clan for outing. She had been rather dissatisfied with the Toyota Vios as it could not ferry her parents, her sister and various aunties and uncles.