Durian Malaysia

Durian Malaysia, the king of fruits. Everybody loves them and many are repulsed by the offensive smell. But once they overcome the strong aroma and get the courage to try it, mmm…, that’s it, they are hooked!

The various variety of Durians in Malaysia
The various variety of Durians in Malaysia

There are so many varieties of durian in Malaysia. So many that I’m not sure which is which. Sometimes the names are in Chinese, sometimes in Malay, sometimes in code, and sometimes it is from the place that it was grown plus the grade that grow there. It is like trying to decipher French connoisseur wines. It is as though a particular durian variety grown in a specific region will yield a different subtlety to it, just like wines.

So while doing some window shopping in 1-Utama, I saw this stall set up by Jusco with nice panel on top showing the different variety available. Hopefully this will provide some measure of guide to the Malaysian Durians! (Ya I know it is kinda late, the durian season already over, too busy to blog!)

So from left to right, top to bottom, they are:

  • Durian Raja Kunyit – Fragrant Durian with sticky smooth flesh and special taste
  • Durian Tawa – Sweet and acrid taste with smooth flesh and tasty
  • Durian Tracka – Fragrant Durian and good taste with sweet and acrid taste of high quality
  • Durian Hor-Lor – Sweet and strong taste with thick and dry flesh of high quality
  • Durian Dato Nina – Fragrant Durian with sticky thick flesh and small pip of high quality
  • Durian Udang Merah – Sweet and taste good with smooth flesh of high quality
  • Durian Mas Selangor – Frangrant Durian and good taste with thick and smooth flesh and honey sweet
  • Durian Jiuji – Sweet with small pip, sweet and smooth of high quality
  • Durian Mas Johor – Sweet and good frangrance with smooth flesh and red flesh
  • Durian No. D-24 – Strong fragrance and good taste with sweet and acrid taste with smooth flesh
  • Durian No. D-88 – Sweet and acrid taste with strong fragrance and thick flesh and delicious
  • Durian No. D-96 – Sweet and good fragrance with smooth flesh and red, thick flesh


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  1. hello.I’m Malaysian’s.i’m proud to be Malaysian.Really durians is The King of the fruit.and it full of thorn.it’s need a technique to open the skin.really hard. I’hope you come visit again in Malaysia especially in Temerloh, Pahang. Temerloh is popular with Patin fish(ikan patin).so come again.

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