Google Webmaster Central DNS Verification Method

Google Webmaster Central DNS verification method is a little tricky to use in comparison with the HTML and META tag version. However there are instances where you would need to use DNS verification in situation where your domain is not using a normal web hosting provider and such you have no way to upload a HTML file for verification. Free websites like and comes to mind as well as to those who are using just for parking their domain but pointing their DNS to another location.

It took me awhile to finally figure it out how the Google Webmaster Central DNS verification method to work. Many blogs just show the following couple of pictures for doing the DNS verification, like choosing the DNS over the other HTML or META tag verification method. But did not show the afterward steps.

Google Webmaster DNS verification method step 1
Google Webmaster DNS verification method step 2
Google Webmaster DNS verification method step 3
Google Webmaster DNS verification method step 4

Additional Steps to Key in the DNS Verification Code

So here’s the balance step. I’m using the Direct Admin control panel web hosting interface. In case you are using other web hosting interface just experiment around the codes.

The first part to use is the domain name for the TXT. At first I thought it required a special CNAME but turn out it needed the actual domain name itself as such:

Mind the period (.) at the end of your domain name. Depending on your control panel interface some may need it, some may not.

In the TXT portion add in the code provided by Google Webmaster Central


Also bear in mind whether the opening and closing quotes (“) are needed or not. For mine it was required. Some web hosting control panel do not require it, so you just have to experiment and see for yourself which way is the correct way to key in.

And add it in as part of your DNS, and go back to Google Webmaster Central to verify your site. It might take a while for the DNS propagation or it might be quick. Mine was quite fast and could verify within the minute.

For the full DNS code you may need it as thus: 14400 IN TXT “google-site-verification:_qwertyuiop”

Just give it a trial and error with the above settings (at least you have the complete settings now), you should be able to get it right.

Google site verification to key into the DNS Direct Admin control panel

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