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HTML Lesson 1: The basic HTML tag

You can create a HTML document using any text editor like Notepad, Wordpad for Windows, or Simple Text on the Mac. There is no need to buy any sophisticated HTML software like Microsoft Frontpage or CoffeeCup HTML editor. However, as your needs progress you may want to consider getting one. But meanwhile, any simple text editor will do just fine.


HTML tags are web commands written between the angle brackets: “<" and ">“. The text content is contained between two tags – an opening tag and a closing tag. The closing tag has the additional slash symbol “/” added to it.


<P>some text contained in here.</P>

Tags can have additional attribute to further modify its function.


<P align=”right” >some text contained in here.</P>

When several tags are used, they are nested within each other. Make sure the tags are not overlapped to ensure proper code interpretation by the browser.


<P><B>Nesting the tags correctly.</B></P>

<P><B>Nesting the tags in-correctly.</P></B>

Just a note, the HTML tag example above is written in Capitals for clarity sake. The tag can be written in lowercase or uppercase or even a mixture of both. The browser makes no distinction between them. It is your preference to use one or the other or be sloppy and mix them both up.

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