HTML Lesson 3: text formatting

When writing your content for your website, you may want to format your text to emphasize a point and make it stand out from the rest of the content. This is easily done by using the bold tag, italics tag and underline tag.

Bold = <B>Bold</B>
Italics = <I>Italics </I>
Underline = <U>Underline</U>

There are also an alternative tags for bold and italics and they are:

Emphasis = <EM>Emphasis</EM>

Personally I prefer to use the shorter version, well, because it is short. You can also mix the formatting together.


Bold and Italics together =
<B> <I>Bold and Italics together</I> </B>

The Paragraph tag (“P”) is to subdivide your content into paragraph sections.


<P>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Integer et nisl in eros mattis convallis. Duis turpis nunc, pretium ornare, fermentum id, ullamcorper vitae, eros. Mauris libero. Integer elementum sodales elit. Praesent quis felis. Duis ligula. Donec a risus. </P>

<P>Nunc ullamcorper rutrum tellus. Quisque sagittis tristique ipsum. Donec bibendum velit nec lorem. Duis suscipit, orci a dictum porta, nibh nunc commodo est, et congue eros magna a eros. Pellentesque commodo. </P>

<P>In consequat, felis quis imperdiet pellentesque, velit neque ultricies nisi, sit amet rhoncus lorem nisl nec odio. Ut ultricies, metus in laoreet facilisis, lorem nibh convallis lacus, nec euismod ipsum ante ut felis. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. </P>

And lastly, the line break tag (“BR”) is useful for breaking a line or inserting more line spaces by adding several. There is no need to close this tag with a /BR. This is one of the few tags that don’t require a closing tag.


This is line one<BR>This is line two<BR> <BR> <BR>Adding several BRs will create several line breaks.

This is line one
This is line two

Adding several BRs will create several line breaks.

You will use the above tags most often. There are other interesting but less used formatting tags like strikeout, superscript and subscript, etc. Why burden your memory with so many code when the above is already sufficient?

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