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Learning HTML

Let’s face it, even if you are planning to use the provided installation script to make a CMS website, blogging website or use the provided web builder from the web hosting provider, you still have to learn some HTML. There is no escape from getting your hands dirty into coding a web page. Programming a web site is a tedious affair. A page may not look the way you want it to, and you have to spend some time searching through the code to look for the source of error.

Unfortunately, without some knowledge of HTML, you will not be able to tweak your website properly. You may want your website to display some items for example Google adsense, or some photos from your Flickr account or even videos from your YouTube account. And how else can you do it if you don’t know any HTML?

There is a dime and a dozen website in the internet with their tutorials on how to learn HTML, so I’ll not repeat any more tutorials about learning HTML. But what I’ll point out here is to pick up the essential items of HTML code that you will need and use most regularly. Even if you are using a CMS software or blogging software, some HTML knowledge will help you out to make a web page or web site to behave the way you want it to behave.

First and foremost, learn some basic HTML, and then as you become more proficient, you may progress to pick up some CSS and JavaScript skill. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) will help you to format the web site en masse, ie changing a small code in the CSS file will cause the whole website, all the web pages to change according to what you have modified. Using JavaScript in your website will provide additional functionality. More often then not, you will not do the JavaScript programming but will source the programming code and modifying it to suit your website requirement.

Take your time to learn the codes. As you use it more often, you will refer to reference material and tutorial web site less and less.

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