Joomla Content Management System Installed

Phew! Just completed installing the Joomla Content Management System (CMS) onto my root directory. Installation was a breeze as it came with the hosting company. Just go to the Fantastico icon and choose the mySQL program that you want to install. Follow a few simple steps and that’s it! You are done!

Installation is the easy part. It is the configuration, tweaking of the software, and learning how to make full use of it that really takes up a lot of time! This is definitely not going to be easy for any internet newbie, especially if they plan to make money at home online.

This is where dogged persistence comes in and of course interest and passion about computers and internet knowledge. But the main thing would definitely be persistence, because passion is and emotion and can take back seat when you find it tough going, and die down for awhile and flame up again. Emotion is good driving force, but dogged persistence will keep you going at it.

As for internet marketing? You may or may not need a lot of knowledge on how to code a webpage, or how to maintain a website, but you really do need to know some of it. Because at the end of the day, many components still require you to get down and dirty with the raw codes to make it working.

And my suggestion for any would be newbie internet marketer who has no idea about HTML coding to at least go for a simple course about it. Learn the basics, and even pick up a few JavaScript along the way. It would help to make a heck of a website!

Coming back to my website, the Joomla package CMS looks really great! Very professional looking, and much better than I could to cobble together pieces of HTML code to make an awesome looking site! It great to have a nice looking website, but ultimately what drives an internet home business is still traffic. Without traffic your website is useless as a potential income earner. Without traffic there is no chance of a sale, a click through to Google Adsense, or even a click through to any affiliate site or product that you may have registered with. And to build this traffic will involve a massive amount of work on your part. But already I am beginning to see some profit from my Cameron Highlands Malaysia website, just based on Google Adsense monetization alone.

If I could start another website with good concept, and good marketing business ideas, I could probably generate enough for my ultimate goal of setting out on my own. This is still a dream, but I’m taking my steps towards it. So should you if you ever need to get out of your doldrums and situation. It doesn’t have to be internet marketing; it could well be an offline brick and mortar business. Wherever it is that your heart and soul has passion for, that’s where you should start.

Enough blogging. Back to tweaking my Joomla CMS package!

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