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Kenny and Rebecca Engagement Bash

My brother-in-law, Kenny and his soon to be wife, Rebecca had an engagement bash. It was quite a last minute thing and there was much to prepare. Usually in most case, the happy couple would be in a panicky mode since there was so many things to do and so little time. There was the guest details, the food preparation, chairs for the guests to sit, tables for the food display, music, solemnization from the Pastor, and a hundred and one things going on.

Fortunately Lena and her sister, Lindy was around to lend a helping hand. She liked to do the arrangement trying to make it as best as she could. My wife, always recall back her wedding thought of ways it could have been improved. She could not forget some of the errors that were made and kept thinking about “What if…?”

To me it was all a blur. Therefore, I just left it as that. Pass was passed. Anyway, Kenny’s and Rebecca’s engagement was just the beginning of the many arrangement to come. From the wedding photo album, gown selection, restaurant selection, guest details, etc. phew…! I’m pretty sure my honey would like to sink her teeth into it all.

For this engagement, my job was pretty simple: to take some photos, and perhaps a quick short movie clip like the above for the happy couple just to savour the moment. I still did not have a chance to invest in a proper video equipment just yet. My budget being a constraint though I’m eyeing the Canon DC220 DVD Camcorder which is now retailing for about RM1699. Never mind, just live with the movie function of my Panasonic Lumix digital camera for now. I could still cobble up some quicktime movie here and there.

This time round I did not narrate the movie clip. Therefore, it might just be a little boring. Narration takes up some time to do, and quicktime movie format just weren’t catered for sophisticated video manipulation.

The bash was rather simple with most of the invited guests were from the couple’s church and cell members, plus some relatives and my parents too. There were lots of miscommunication with some relative thinking the event would begin at seven o’clock when in actual fact it started at five. My parents had some mishap and they lost their way around USJ. They were caught in the Summit shopping complex traffic jam, and my suggested alternative direction made them disorientated with the location. Eventually they found the way to the house. Well, better late than never.

It’s good my folks to come, and good for Lena’s dad too. The more people the merrier as they get to socialized with other people and perhaps find people of their age group. Seniors need to keep active all the time just to maintain their physiology or it would be a quick downhill for the bodily function. Especially the all-important stimulation of the brain processes to maintain its acuteness.

Food was plentiful, however favourites like satay were quickly gobbled up. There were fried noodles, fried rice that goes very well with chicken curry, and there was Lena’s mom specialty, the Yong Tau Foo. Quite an abundance of food. Duck meat was later added on when the relative came by later. Succulent delicious food; remind me to get back into shape. Having laid off running for awhile due to plantar fasciitis and heel pain, I think I’m putting on a little, but I’m back to running some laps now though I had to do so carefully lest the injury comes back to haunt me again. I am trying out some holistic treatment like acupressure, and boy did that really hurt! I’ll blog about that next time, for now the limelight is on the happy couple, Kenny and Rebecca engagement bash!

1 thought on “Kenny and Rebecca Engagement Bash”

  1. Kenny & Rebecca

    Dear Jan & Lena,

    Wow! We r speechless! Awwwwsome job done!! 🙂 We r ever grateful to you for capturing our first special event!! Thanks soooo much for all the help u guys have given. We r grateful n so thankful.

    God bless you guys and we look forward to celebrating the wedding with u!!

    Kenny & Rebecca

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