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Missing Hibernation and Hybrid Sleep Feature in Windows Vista

John did something to Victor’s laptop and Windows Vista couldn’t hibernate. At first I thought it could be enabled by going through the advance settings in the Power Options from the Control Panel. Going through the list, I just couldn’t find either of the Hibernation or Hybrid sleep feature.

A quick check with the Windows Help, and I found the problem. When I queried my brother, yep, he did just that. He used the Disk Cleanup Tool to clear off unnecessary files to reduce wasted storage space. By doing do so, he inadvertently disabled the hibernation feature. And without hibernation, the hybrid sleep feature would not work either; resulting in only shutdown and sleep mode available for the computer.

Sleep mode is usually not the best solution for laptop and notebook users, because the PC is still alive and drawing power from the battery. The power drain is not that small and I have experience it discharging the battery completely within a quarter of a day. Though I wonder why Microsoft supports the use of Sleep mode over the other modes.

Anyway, to enable back the hibernation option wasn’t too difficult. Just enter into the command prompt and key in powercfg -h on command to re-enable the hibernation feature which in turns provide back the hybrid sleep feature.

  • Find the Command Prompt program from the Start Menu by going to All Programs then to Accessories
  • Right click it and Run as Administrator. Enter any password required to run Command Prompt in administrator mode.
  • Type in powercfg -h on and press Enter.

That should get back your Windows Vista Hibernation and Hybrid Sleep mode.


Ref: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;928897

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