old town white coffee

It's the usual holiday past time. In the shopping mall. mostly window shopping for me. But for my wife well, it is the usual, oooo, like that, want that, you know lah. Walking around window shopping, I can only do so long before needing to do something. So end uo at good ol' old town wife coffee shop for a breaky. Even then after a quick chow down, I can't be sitting here forever. End up doing this quikie blog you know. But with this teenie weenie palm centro keyboard, I can't type much b4 getting thumb-thrisis. Just have to tough it out lor. Itching to get back home and finish the Heroes season 3 DVD set that I got last week. Been kinda busy for past many days. Gotta finish kang's website. Not to mentio my bro in law's one too.

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