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Busy December Month!

Phewy! December was such a busy month! It was like almost every night I had to go to church for Christmas presentation,  some prayer meetings,  and some weeks had to prepare songs for Sunday praise and worship leading, visit some friends who given birth to healthy baby girl, dinner with friends and family. No wonder …

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Busy, busy day!

Friday night was a church home cell meet night. With the coming Christmas our group was planning a Christmas harvest. Usually we will do what we call a prayer walk aroud the neighbourhood. P.U.S.H. = Pray Until Something Happens! Lots of planning to do, with the church harvest date on 10th Dec. Each of us …

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Kitten Growing Bigger

I have decided to call him “Casper”. Much like the friendly ghost, Casper has a knack of disappearing in the house! Hiding around corners and bushwacking ankles when walking by! Sometimes hiding under tables… hide and seek!

Just Another Day

Well, Monday blues as usual after the weekend. Though I lick the flu, but now I’m starting to have some minor cough. Had a rather quiet Saturday weekend with my wife away attending a bank training. She had a tough time to master accounting principles and she needs to pass the exam which she had …

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Thank you for your inquiry

Thank you for filling in the form and submitting your inquiry. I’ll be sure to look it over and reply to you, hopefully soon if I’m not too busy taking care of something else. In the meantime, feel free to browse around the website. Hope you find something interesting or useful to you. Cheers! Jan.