Received my Kontera cheque

After such a long wait I finally got my first pay cheque from Kontera! It is not much just slight above the threshold of US$50 which is the minimum required for a payout. I started trying out Kontera since May 2009 so finally as of March 2011, it took a total of 22 months to accumulate the payout amount! Whoosh! That’s a really long time!

Received my Kontera cheque

I could of course plug into my most heavily trafficked web site but I didn’t want to dilute my major earner which was Adsense. So I just plug it into this personal blog of mine plus various other minor websites.

So if it took 22 months that averages out to about US$2.27 per month. Very excitingly slow! On top of that, I’m also trying out the other monetizing advertisement such as Infolinks, Advertlets, Nuffnang, Bidvertiser and Chitika too!

Chitika was suppose to be simpler because all you needed was just a US$10 threshold to get the payout. Unfortunately the ads will show on a limited countries so it ended up pretty slow.

Although I signed up the various advertisements affiliates on different periods, based on all the above minor ones, Kontera was the first to hit pay dirt.

This is a rough tally and not very accurate because they are not comparing based on the same period, since the accumulation is oh, so slow until the grass grows on my tiled porch in my house so it doesn’t really matter. You can say it has been about 2 years or more and these are the results. I’m not too shy to show these figures since the accumulation is just so, so, so slow!

Here goes:
Advertlets = RM87.48
Nuffnang = RM31.04
Infolinks = US$18.21
Kontera = US$50.07
Chitika = US$14.82
Bidvertiser = US$0.22

Think you can lived off from the above figures from your personal blogging website?

Dream on man!

2 thoughts on “Received my Kontera cheque”

    1. No idea. Don’t really bother with Nuffnang. I just use them to decorate my website. The earnings from Nuffnang is so dismal. I have already received payments from all my other sources but Nuffnang and Advertlets, still no cheque in sight after so many years! And yet they make so much more money but the share of the pie is so little for us bloggers.

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