Running Vista with some speed bumps

Installing Windows Vista was a breeze. I’m able to dual boot to windows XP without any hitch. However stuffing it up with software to make useful is another matter. It seems like many of my software that worked in XP is now not able to work in Vista. What a blow! Now I have to get all the upgraded version for those software that wouldn’t run in Vista! Ouch! An expensive affair indeed. No wonder I see some people in the USA who would want to sue M$. Best of luck, my dear!

The Vista ready checking tool isn’t perfect. Though the initial check show that many of my existing software should be able to run in Vista, is now not able to run at all. Trust M$ to do things right. I guess they really made some major changes to some of the core files rendering other 3rd party software to be unusable.

But one thing for sure, there is certainly some WOW factor in running the latest version of Windows. However, the organization structure of the folders is different and I have some trouble finding my files. Well, it is just a matter of time to learn the structure and navigate around them.

Enuf tweaking Vista! I have been sleeping late for the past few days trying to make Vista run as smooth as it could. Better get some rest for the week ahead. Lots of things to prepare.

Sigh! I still need to chase my tenant for his rental. He is really waaaaay behind in his rental payment. I wonder what recourse should I do?

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