SyncToy free file synchronization by Microsoft

SyncToy was just what I needed. Having tested a slew of file synchronization software, most of them trial ware basis meant that after using them for a while, the sync ability was disabled with a prompt requesting you to purchase an upgrade or other limiting factors like syncing one folder only between devices and not able to save the folder path for future syncing.

As for the AllWaySync software which they said was free to use, it turned out to be a trial ware in the guise of freeware. It disables itself when you have synced too many files in a given time frame. I managed to do a workaround by using their portable version, but that left me wondering when the software will disable itself as I did not know their quota for file syncing.

I also tested another sync software called Syncronizer by This was a full fledge running software given away for free if you purchased the APC magazine. Looked like a good deal, so I gave it a try. Though it synced, it did not propagate deletions. You will have to delete the file manually on both sides, otherwise it will just put it back again in your sync folders. Another drawback was it did not tell you if there was any conflict like if you modified the same files on both side of the sync folder. Then one day this software went crazy on me and started syncing with the wrong folder. Not good. So I uninstalled the software from my PC.

Today, I happened to browse the Tech section of the newspaper and came across this software. Intrigued, I decided to give it a try. Found the link to the download page which was:

SyncToy download center

After installing it, and matching the sync folders, it was pretty good and pretty fast at syncing software. Just what I needed.

SyncToy was first release in March 2006 as a powertoy for Windows XP. It is also available for Vista so no problem if you have two disparate operating system to manage in your home PC, office PC and laptop.

It needs the Microsoft .Net framework v2.0 in order to work, but that shouldn’t be a problem, just download it from the Microsoft website and install it.

There is a beta 2.0 version released. Beta versions are still unstable, so I think the current version 1.4 is quite sufficient for now.

Finally a file synchronization software that I could use without any restriction!

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  1. Ya. I seem to recall you mentioned it but didn’t had time to look out for it until I came across the mention in Star Tech today, just a teenie weenie paragraph from the whole article with people asking about how to carry their files around without using their USB flash drive. The article suggested to use Google App. But I think BeInSync would be better.

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