Learning About Computers

I was learning about computers way back when I got my first Apple II computer a long time ago and since then have a fascination for computers and their computer devices. Back when the Apple computer language was programmed in Basics and Assembly Language and their 5-1/4″ floppies was the main storage medium. DOS has to be booted up whenever you start up your computer and staring at the monitor too long will make you into a green eyed monster!

Those were the days learning about computers and using them. I had fun then and I still have fun now with the Intel, AMD, Windows, etc. I didn’t master programming but had some idea about it. I leave programming to the experts as they can do a better job than I do. I just play with their stuffs. With Open Source, there is so many good software out there to do a job and for free too!

How the pace of computer technology advances!

Even in this little corner of the world, though we are trying to catch up with the rest of world doesn’t mean we don’t have those nifty little computer gadgets to play with. With Moore’s Law in play, the costs of computer devices is ever cheaper but not necessarily better. Well, some are not as robust as yesteryears computer devices. In fact as soon as the warranty passes, the computer device breaks down! Tell me you didn’t experience this? It is cheaper to buy a new computer device than to repair it. They are no longer made to last like before.

That’s the world of computer devices nowadays. Still we have to keep learning about computers, how to use them, upgrade them and make they keep running without a hitch!

Learning About Computer and Gadgets Table of Contents

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